German Gymnastics Schedule 2010

German head coach, Ulla Koch, announced the goals for 2010. The members of the national team are: Oksana Chusovitina, Kim Bui, Anja Brinker, Marie-Sophie Hindermann, Joeline Möbius (retired), Elisabeth Seitz and Maike Roll. New seniors Pia Tolle, Giulia Hindermann, Lisa-Katharina Hill and Ruby van Dijk will join the squad.

They will work on higher D-scores but especially on the execution of the routines. New choreographies for the floor exercises as well as an improvement of the girl´s condition are two of the tasks for the beginning of the year.

In order to prepare for the European Championships in Birmingham (GBR) in April and the Worlds in Rotterdam (NED) in October, the team will join the British gymnasts in Lilleshall (GBR) in the early April as well as the US-girls in a training center in Houston in October. One German junior will compete at the first Youth Olympic Games in Singapur in August (only one junior gymnast per nation!).

Important Dates for 2010
06.03.                   – 1. JEC- und EC-qualification in Kienbaum
12.-14.03.            – Turnier der Meister (Worldcup) in Cottbus
27.03.                   – 2. JEC- und EC-qualification in Cologne
10./11.04.           – competition GBR – GER in Lilleshall
28.04. – 02.05.   – EC in Birmingham
26.06.                    – junior competition (age 12/13) in France
27.06. – 07.07.  – training camp in USA
15. – 26.08.          – Youth Olympic Games in Singapur
28.08.                    – 1. WC-qualification
11./12.09.            – German Championships in Berlin (2. WC-quali)
25.09.                    – international competition in Schaffhausen
17. – 24.10.          – WC in Rotterdam
12. – 14.11.           – EnBW-Worldcup/ DTB-Pokal  in Stuttgart

external source (German)

Watch Pia Tolle on UB at the 2009 German Junior Championships including a Shaposhnikova, Pak, Jaeger, double front dismount (YouTube):

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  1. Calítoe.:. (Cristina MJ) Says:

    So Chusovitina is still on the papers? Glad to read that! 😀

  2. German Gymnastics Schedule 2010 (Men) « GymNiceTic Says:

    […] Gymnastics Schedule 2010 (Men) By gymnicetic After Ulla Koch, the women’s headcoach announced the goals for 2010, Andreas Hirsch (head coach German National team) did it on the men’s […]

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