Flexibility & Strength

This post is dedicated to the sometimes unbelievable combination of flexibility and strength in the body of a gymnast. Is there another sport besides (acrobatic, aerobic & artistic) gymnastics which demands both abilities? I don´t think so. Well, maybe figure skating? Thinking of the Biellmann spin

The Italians love to perform  “real” beam mounts and that´s why I love them.

paola galante


Here it is: The famous sheep jump. And you can see exactly why it´s worth 0.4 (D).

ethiene franco


Okay, this one is more about the flexibility and toe-point, but I couldn´t resist to put it in.

mercedes alcaide


A basic skill in gymnastics: The split leap demands height & 180°+x.

ksenia afanasyeva


Not the best facial expression but considering her position…

vanessa ferrari


Photos via gymbox & gymnasticsunited!

One Response to “Flexibility & Strength”

  1. Steffi Says:

    Olympic weightlifting. It’s all about speed, coordination, flexibility (try a deep squat with a heavy bar overhead…) and of course strength…

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