German Gymnastics Schedule 2010 (Men)

After Ulla Koch, the women’s headcoach announced the goals for 2010, Andreas Hirsch (head coach German National team) did it on the men’s side.

And here’s a translated summary of the big goals they want to achieve (and not only Hambuechen :-)) – I added some extra thoughts of mine, so not everything you read comes from Hirsch:

The European (senior & junior), World Championships and the Olympic Youth Games (click here for an event overview) are the most important competitions and highlights of the gymnastics year on which the whole team will focus (the year of only individual competitions is over now!). Main principle for 2010 concerning the CoP: Do not perform a higher difficulty if you aren’t capable!

Some bad news: Though the Champions Trophy 2009 was a huge success (even the German television reported live! and that’s really unbelievable in a country which mostly cares about football (soccer)), it probably won’t be continued in 2010 because of the filled calender (but maybe there’s another reason? the tv didn’t want to sign a new contract? or the sponsoring companies lost interest?)

Another main goal: Concentrate on the all-around; Hirsch doesn’t look out for event specialists, but good all-arounders.

The German team is still very young. Some athletes have to finish school, others are supported by the Bundeswehr (army) or have to study. And as education is more important than gymnastics, not every athlete will be able to attend every competitions. Some new faces will join the “old” ones.

Important dates for 2010

06.03.2010 | Tyson American Cup in Worcester (USA)
06.03.2010 | National Team Cup in Buttenwiesen (GER)
12. – 14.03.2010 | Tournament of Masters in Cottbus (GER)
21.04. – 02.05.2010 | European Championships in Birmingham (GBR)
17. – 24.10.2010 | 42. World Championships in Rotterdam (NED)
12. – 14.11.2010 | EnBW-World Cup/DTB-Pokal in Stuttgart

+ several World Cups

Unfortunately Hirsch didn’t give us a list of the complete team but I will update as soon as it comes.

UPDATE: Gymnastics Examiner just posted the lineup for the American Cup – Good for Elisabeth Seitz to perform on such a huge stage although she won’t be a medal contender!

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One Response to “German Gymnastics Schedule 2010 (Men)”

  1. TheCouchGymnast Says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Seitz handles it. She is a lovely little gymnast!

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