5 x Gymnastics

  • 1# Workout Wednesday is back!! Finally! Watch the Bruins during their training on January 7th here. While I watched the phenomenal workout with all the muscle training, the routines, the dance-through & the coaching I wondered why the producers of “Make it or Break it” (I watched the latest episode a few hours earlier this day and I really got bored…) can’t take a “real” workout and photoshop it behind the “drama”? So everyone who watches the series for the drama will get it and the others who like a little bit of drama & a lot of good gymnastics would be pleased! Wouldn’t this be great?!

It would be so easy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • 2# The next thing I’m excited about is the upcoming American Cup on March 6th. Dominique Pegg, Elisabeth Seitz, Yuko Shintake, Elsa Garcia, Claudia Voicu, Ariella Kaeslin, Rebecca Bross + another US-girl (who might it be?) will compete on the women’s side. Okay, here’s a bet: There will be less falls on beam than last year! (2009: Dufournet 3x, Lopez 2x, Rogers 2x, Goryunova 1x; including some pretty nasty falls, ouch!) So every girl can fall at least one time and there still won’t be more falls than last year. But I’m really looking forward to consistent routines without any falls or wobbles! (Yes, sometimes it’s allowed to dream a little bit ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck to all the of them!
  • 3# Marian Dragulescu (ROM) and Maxim Deviatovsky (RUS) next to 17 foreign and 78 German athletes will compete again in the German Bundesliga 2010 starting in March. Devitovsky joins KTV Straubenhardt who won last years final with the big help of Fabian Hambuechen. It won’t be easy to beat them this year!
  • 4# Tournament of Masters – the German team: Kim Bui (injured), Oksana Chusovitina, Marie-Sophie Hindermann, Joeline Moebius (retired) & Maike Roll / Philipp Boy, Matthias Fahrig, Brian Gladow, Robert Juckel, Marcel Nguyen, Thomas Taranu. Well, let’s hope they don’t change their mind and we will see good old Chusovitina in less than a month (March 12-14)! (+ I’m looking forward to the tallest gymnast’s (Hindermann) performance, too.) Hambuechen won’t compete because of this. And here are some of the other gymnasts (the most nations didn’t announce any names yet): Kristina Vaculik (CAN), Tatiana Solovyeva (RUS), Adela Sajn (SLO)…just take a look at the starting list.
  • 5# The Vlaandern Gymnastics Federation (Belgium) has some pretty cool gym posters. Though they are in Dutch, it’s easy to find out what they want to tell the coach/gymnast. Take a look and try to translate them (click here to download them):

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    […] footage. I was surprised, but in a good way: We saw some really good gymnastics and no falls on BB (last year: 8 (!) – yeah, I won my bet!)! Of course, not everything was perfect and as every year they could have shown a lot more routines […]

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