Oh no, Joeline Möbius retires!

That’s not a good week for German gymnastics. Joeline Möbius announced her retirement from gymnastics just after Kim Bui injured herself. After the Olympic Games in Beijing (where she competed on FX & BB) she always had several little injuries or diseases, so her parents decided she should quit elite gymnastics. Now 17 years old Joeline Möbius will focus on her education. The four-time German Junior Champion & the current German Champion on beam perhaps had her brightest moment at the 2008 American Cup where she finished 5th just behind the strong US-girls.

Let’s take a look at her improvement:

2005 German Championships – FX


2008 Tyson American Cup – (even Martha congratulated her on this FX-routine)


4 Responses to “Oh no, Joeline Möbius retires!”

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