Money, money, money!!

Elite gymnasts in the German Bundesliga from the  TurnTeamToyota Köln suffer from the latest crisis in the automotive industry. Toyota didn’t renew their contract with the club. Oksana Chusovitina and her teammates might not be able to start next season without the financial support of Toyota. They are desperately searching for a new sponsor.

Welt Online (German)

And so does the EnBW Turn-Team Stuttgart. EnBW didn’t renew the sponsorship, too. This might be the club’s last season competing in the Bundesliga. And while the Stuttgart coaches and athletes worry about their future, KTV Straubenhardt (Fabian Hambüchen, Maxim Deviatovsky) tries to entice their best gymnasts away from the Stuttgart club.

Esslinger Zeitung (German)

Kim Bui, training at an elite gym in Tuebingen (TSG Tuebingen), has the same problems. Finding sponsors as a gymnast in Germany is quite difficult. The athletes (B-squad) receive 240 Euros (330$) per month (A-squad is slightly higher). But even a Fabian Hambüchen doesn’t earn more money than a normal person, Bui tells a German newspaper.

Stuttgarter Nachrichten (German)

But we shouldn’t forget the good news: Erima just renewed their sponsorships with athletes like Matthias Fahrig, Thomas Andergassen, Fabian Hambüchen and Kim Bui (!). So all has not been said and done…

DTB (German)

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