Thank you, Italy!

The Couch Gymnast linked to illabrilla’s YouTube Channel, who uploaded many routines from the Italian Series A – Firenze Meet. I jumped at the opportunity and really enjoyed watching some pretty amazing (choreography-wise, not difficulty-wise) routines. And that’s why I want to thank Bella Italia! I want to thank them for…

  1. their “real” (press handstand) beam mounts
  2. their way to get up on the beam (at least 180 split or even nearly a handstand position)
  3. their fearless presentation of difficult turns (on beam & floor)
  4. their beautiful and detailed floor choreographies

You HAVE to watch these routines!

Elisabetta Preziosa on beam (YouTube). She starts with a beautiful press handstand + she is doing the turn Semenova does (leg bwd at horizontal) but holds her feet during the turn – I couldn’t find it in the CoP; (and her tumbling isn’t bad either).

I also really liked her floor routine (YouTube).

Emily Armi on floor (YouTube). The little powerhouse knows how to dance and entertain the audience! She shows Tsukahara, double back tucked, salto fwd strechted with step-out into roundoff 2.5 twists bwd (haven’t seen this tumbling pass before), double back piked.

Erika Fasana isn’t bad either (YouTube). She sticks her landings (Tsukahara, double back tucked) and keeps up with the energetic music.

To see more videos of Vanessa Ferrari, Andrea Foti or Paola Galante visit illabrilla’s YouTube Channel!

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