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German Team for 2010 Europeans

March 31, 2010

SENIORS: Oksana Chusovitina, Marie-Sophie Hindermann, Elisabeth Seitz, Dorothee Henzler, Lisa Katharina Hill

JUNIORS: Desiree Baumert, Janine Berger, Isabelle Marquard, Katja Roll, Rosa Lynn Schmitz

Except for a medal on vault for Chusovitina, German head coach Ulla Koch doesn’t expect anything – and that’s very wise in my opinion. It doesn’t look good for the German team. But hey: Taking part is everything! And I’m curious how the German juniors will make their debut.

If you want to see brand-new videos of all the girls (except for Janine Berger), go on this website, choose “Competitions 2010” and “1. BundesLiga WK” on the left and click on the routines you want to see. They were filmed at the first meet of the German Bundesliga (27th March 2010).


Oksana Chusovitina – 34 years old – I think you all know her great achievements over the past decades.

Marie-Sophie Hindermann – 18 – (Olympic team member 2008; Doha World Cup 2009: 3rd UB; Cottbus World Cup 2010: 3rd UB)

Elisabeth Seitz – 16 – (German Championships 2009: 2nd AA, 2nd BB, 2nd FX; DTB-World Cup 2009: 3rd FX; American Cup 2010: 6th AA)

Dorothee Henzler – 17 – (Junior European Championships 2006: 3rd team; German Championships 2009: 6th AA, 2nd VT, 3rd FX)

Lisa Katharina Hill – 17 – (Junior European Championships 2006: 3rd team)


Desiree Baumert – 15 – (Junior German Championships 2009: 1st AA)

Janine Berger – 13 – (JGCh 09 (age class 14): 2nd AA)

Isabelle Marquard – 14 – (JGCh 09: 3rd AA)

Katja Roll – 14 – (JGCh 09: 6th AA)

Rosa-Lynn Schmitz – 13

(external source – German) / (photos via gymfan)

EC 2010 – Volunteers needed!

March 29, 2010

Isn’t it a bit late to search for volunteers three weeks before the European Championships in artistic gymnastics will take place in Birmingham?! Maybe it’s just my German sense of order… 😉

“Volunteers are vital to ensure the smooth running of any event. With a variety of roles from being a media assistant, in event control or being a team attache, there really is something for everyone.

Volunteers must be 18 or over and available to work as much or as little as you are able to. Some specific roles will require you to work from 17th April. Every volunteer will receive official polo shirt to wear and will be given lunch. Depending on roles the hours will differ but a full briefing will be provided to each volunteer for the role that is assigned to them.”

Here’s the link on the official website.

Is Komova the new Liukin?

March 29, 2010

Why couldn’t the Russians send the slight and elegant junior Viktoria Komova, their rising star on the gymnastics sky, to the recent American Cup – it would have surely been a double win for the big Eastern country. And what happened to her in Jesolo? Obviously, she didn’t compete as I can’t find any result with her name on it. Nevertheless, her homepage says this:

“The Junior All Around results are also in. Vika didn’t make it in the top results, but congratulations to Anastasia Grishina of Russia for winning the Gold in the All Around final!”

But watching the new (unfortunately removed) routines from the Russian Championships 2010 I was wondering might Viktoria Komova be the next Nastia Liukin? Of course, this suggestion includes Viktoria to be the next Olympic AA Champion in London 2012. Not only their body types are similar, but also the way to perform very difficult elements as if they were the easiest things in the world. In my opinion, Komova is even more present, fluent and precise in her performances. She is only 15 years old and has already a big pool of high-difficult elements from which she can choose. Two more years until the 2012 Olympics should give her enough time to perfect her gymnastics.

Komovas uneven bars routine include a Khorkina, stretched Jaeger, Tkatchev (a lot higher than Liukin’s), piked Stalder + 1/1 turn, Pak, Tsukahara dismount. On beam she already did a back handspring + layout step-out + standing arabian (okay, she fell, but nevertheless…). And on vault she performed an Amanar, which gives her a lot of bonus points compared to Liukins very clean 1,5 twisting Yurchenko. But I like her the most on floor (double arabian, tsukahara, triple twist, double pike + a little bit of a James Bond mixed with a girl on the playground)

As I always like to suppose very early who might win the Euros, Worlds or the Olympics, I will risk this statement and maybe, maybe it comes true.

A clip for now and then: (24)

March 29, 2010

Maybe I should change the categorie to “acrobatic clips for now and then” :-)?!

However, here’s another great example of the refreshing and entertaining Belgian acrobatic mix which includes high difficulty (layout tsukahara) and phantastic choreography and presentation.

Click play or watch Corinne, Eloïse and Maaike (the 2009 European bronze medallists) on YouTube:

Go Germany Go!

March 29, 2010

The German team won the all-around at the recent rhythmic gymnastics Grand Prix in Thiais ahead of Russia and Spain as well as the silver with the hoop routine and bronze with ribbon+rope. And the five girls (Camilla Pfeffer, Mira Bimperling, Cathrin Puhl, Sara Radmann und Regina Sergeeva) really had a strong performance. Especially their hoop routine is very well choreographed and their sparkling blue leotards fit perfectly.

Germany struggled with rhythmic gymnastics in the past years – no gymnast (group & individual) qualified for the Olympics and a lot of the young hopes retired early (Daria Stolbin, Johanna Gabor or Lisa Ingildeeva). As it is very difficult to gain ground as an individual gymnast and to stand up to the best in the world from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan or Azerbajian the German team dediced to focus on the group event after a disappointing year 2008 and encouraged individual gymnasts to participate. Click here to meet the current group members.

Click play or watch their hoop routine on YouTube:

5x Gymnastics

March 28, 2010

1# 17-year old Maike Roll announced her temporary retirement from international gymnastics competitions. Too much stress caused her well-considered decision to compete in the future only for her gymnastics club “TG Karlsruhe-Söllingen” in the German Bundesliga. Roll won’t cut back her training hours and she might probably compete internationally again. It’s the third big loss for the German national team after Kim Bui injured herself and Joeline Möbius retired a few weeks ago. (external source, German)

2# The Olympic Sports News Blog – who posted a very good interview with The Couch Gymnast about the new Couch Gymnast Magazine among other things (& a video-interview with David Lease, the voice of Aunt Joyce’s Ice Cream Stand) – also took a look back to the very beginnings of gymnastics and showed us favourite gymnastics routines of the 1950’s. Here’s my favourite routine, which you can watch by clicking play or here on YouTube – how amazing it must have been to concentrate about the dismount while the sun shines on your head and a little sparrow hops on the beam:

3# TuS Chemnitz-Altendorf won the first of three meets of the German Bundesliga over Turn-Team Stuttgart and TG Karlsruhe-Söllingen. Marie-Sophie Hindermann finished with the highest AA-score (53,90), Luiza Galiulina (UZB) placed second (53,70) with 14,75 on BB (I haven’t noticed her great beam work at the Olympics – she would have been in the EF, if she hadn’t one sad fall. Check it out on YouTube.) and Elisabeth Seitz was third (52,75).

4# Evgenia Kanaeva didn’t surprise anyone winning four gold medals at the recent rhythmic gymnastics Grand Prix in Thiais. Her teammate Daria Dimitrieva finished second on all four apparatus. The Russian group won both finals, too. But here’s a surprise: Germany finished second (5 hoops) and third (3 ribbons + 2 ropes)! Congratulations! (competition report, Gymmedia)

5# Eberhard Gienger the 1976 Olympic bronze medalist on highbar who has the Gienger-salto named after him still knows how to orbit the bar. Click play or watch Eberhard Gienger on YouTube:

A clip for now and then: (23)

March 16, 2010

You HAVE to watch this dynamic routine! Who expected the Russians to do this hip-hop/acro-choreography including a superb moonwalk and really impressive elements?!

Click play or watch the junior mixed pair on YouTube:

Happy Birthday, GymNiceTic! + Best of

March 15, 2010

How time flies! Exactly one year ago I decided to start my own blog about gymnastics. 233 posts and 298 comments later I know a lot more about gymnastics but still not enough…

For the first anniversary (and hopefully not the last) I will not only change the header colour (!) 🙂 but also give you a short overview of the popular, the best and the boring things which happend on this website.

the top posts (all time/year)

  1. Gymnastic films
  2. More leotards, leotards, leotards
  3. TV show: Make it or break it – thoughts

my top posts (all time/year)

  1. Gymnastics blogs – I found a lot new blogs just doing this post
  2. Elite gymnast = Movie star (1)/(2)/(3) – thanks to all the people who take (funny/strange) pictures and upload them
  3. REAL artistry in gymnastics – it’s one of the first posts I did and I am still hoping acrobatic gymnastics will be a widely known and maybe even an Olympic sport one day

+ “clips for now and then”

best comments

  1. “I have brown hair. It’s only blue glitter. Best regards” (Marta) – this answers my question whether any elite gymnast actually reads gymnastics blogs (I know, there is still a chance that it’s not Marta Pihan-Kulesza herself, but in this case my feeling tells me it’s really her…)
  2. “No more updates? :( (Amy) – when I read this comment after a long non-blogging period it really made me start again
  3. “A D+D acro is .2 on beam, so she should start at a 6.4? But if she was credited a 6.0 it makes me think she should start at a 6.5, because she was missing the backwards salto EGR (-.5). (Onodi’s and arabians count as foward saltos I believe). As for the BHS, I’m guessing she’s either planning to connect it to a LOSO (for the EGR) or to the arabian (for .2 in CV)” (Matt) – this one is representative for all the helpful comments, answers and advice (here we tried to figure out what the judges did to Mustafina’s score on beam at the Japan Cup)

At this point it’s time for a big thank you for all the nice, informative and corrective comments you left on my blog!

Speaking of gratitude… Thanks to all the editors, writers, bloggers who mentioned and linked to GymNiceTic!

the boring posts

Sometimes you just write about something (nearly) nobody is interested in…

  1. Wanna meet Hambüchen? Chew gum! – it’s a pretty recent post and I admit: it’s absolutely nonsense
  2. Who let the dogs out? – see above
  3. Gymnastics Federations around the World – though it only contains one link, I still think the link to all the gymnastics federations might be helpful

Watch out for more (interesting, not boring!) posts in the next 12 month!!

Cottbus World Cup – Day 2

March 15, 2010
Here are the results for the event finals on Sunday at the B-World Cup in Cottbus.
Click on the names to see the routines on YouTube.

1. Tatiana Solovyeva (RUS) 14.775 (D-score 5.8) – front salto; switch ring leap; round-off layout; 2,5 twisting dismount

2. Kristina Vaculik (CAN) 14.425 (D-score 5.7) – rulfova; free walkover fwd into back handspring, layout step-out; aerial cartwheel; double back dismount

3. Vasiliki Millousi (GRE) 14.250 (D-score 5.7) – free walkover fwd into back handspring, layout step-out; switch ring leap; aerial cartwheel; double piked dismount (very deep landing)

Millousi obviously wasn’t satisfied with her score.


1. Kristina Vaculik (CAN) 13.950 (D-score 5.3) – 1,5 twists bwd into round-off 2.5 twists bwd; double salto bwd; double salto bwd piked

1. Marta Pihan-Kulesza (POL) 13.950 (D-score 5.4) – double arabian; 2,5 twists bwd

3. Jessica Diacci (SUI) 13.175 (D-score 5.1) – double arabian; 1,5 twists bwd into somersault fwd; double salto bwd

Watching some of the routines on YouTube, I especially liked the women’s final on the floor. Kristina Vaculik (1st) knows how to sell a good choreography and clean tumbling not only to the audience but also to the judges. 22-year-old Marta Pihan-Kuleszka (1st) presented her dance very well, too (and I like her hair – this time it’s black & silver). Jessica Diacci from Switzerland kept her tumbling clean, too, and therefore earned the third place. Tatiana Solovyeva came fourth and though I liked the music and the dancing, it just didn’t fit her and her young age. Some steps on the landings might have cost her a medal. Maike Roll (very elegant and balletic), Anysia Unick and Marie-Sophie Hindermann finished fifth, sixth and seventh. What I really like about Hindermann is her continuous smile during her routines, but unfortunately her new choreography isn’t well designed. There are too many stops and it just doesn’t feel fluent. 15-year-old Irina Volodchenko from Uzbekistan, coached by  and competing against Oksana Chusovitina (at least on vault), placed 8th. If I am right, the German commenter said it was her first (international?) competition. Nice to see Anton Fokin congratulating her and making fun in the kiss-and-cry area.
Seeing some basic gymnastic skills on floor (back walkover / Diacci, aerial cartwheel / Vaculik) was a nice alternation.


1. Matthias Fahrig (GER) 16.112

2. Alin Jivan (ROU) 15.787

3. Jeffrey Wammes (NED) 15.437


1. Yosuke Hoshi (JPN) 15.425 (D-score 6.2)

2. Epke Zonderland (NED) 15.300 (D-score 6.1)

3. Claudio Capelli (SUI) 15.250 (D-score 6.2)


1. Epke Zonderland (NED) 15.825 (D-score 6.9)

2. Yosuke Hoshi (JPN) 15.600 (D-score 6.6)

3. Takuya Niijima (JPN) 15.400 (D-score 6.6)

related: Cottbus World Cup – Day 1; official website (results, report, photos)

Cottbus World Cup – Day 1

March 13, 2010

The first day of the Tournament of Masters in Cottbus is over. Click through to the official website for a complete competition report (in German & English!), photos, full results (on the right “FINALS 2010”) and more.


  1. Oksana Chusovitina (GER) – 13.675 – handspring layout fwd. with 1/1 twists; layout Tsukahara with 1 ½ twists (fall!)
  2. Kristina Vaculik (CAN) – 13.787 – Yurchenko with 1/1 twist and handspring; somersault fwd. piked
  3. Renatha Toth (HUN) – 13.625 – handspring fwd with 1/2 twisted piked salto; Yurchenko full

Click play or watch Chusovitina’s VT on YouTube:


  1. Kristina Vaculik (CAN) – 14.050 – Tkatchev, Gienger, double somersault fwd. dismount
  2. Anysia Unick (CAN) – 13.775
  3. Marie Sophie Hindermann (GER) – 13.750

Tatjana Solovyeva fell on her dismount. Congratulations to Vaculik who already got two medals and is qualified for tomorrows competition on FX and BB, too!


  1. Saso Bertoncelj (SLO) – 15.475
  2. Koki Sakamoto (JPN) – 15.050
  3. Matvey Petrov (RUS) – 15.000


  1. Samir Ait Said (FRA) – 15.250
  2. Attila Racz (HUN) – 15.000
  3. Anton Fokin (UZB) – 14.875


  1. Marcel Nguyen (GER) – 15.275
  2. Stavros Kekelos (GRE) – 14.825
  3. Jeffrey Wammes (NED) – 14.575

Click play or watch Nguyen’s FX on YouTube: