2010 American Cup – Thoughts

Though I didn’t watch the recent Tyson American Cup live on TV (the weather was just too warm and sunny), I really enjoyed the online footage. I was surprised, but in a good way: We saw some really good gymnastics and no falls on BB (last year: 8 (!) – yeah, I won my bet!)! Of course, not everything was perfect and as every year they could have shown a lot more routines than they did. Actually, you can see a non-American female gymnast compete on BB in the background while they are showing the ranking for 10 minutes or longer (okay, I’m distending a little bit). So I decided to write down some of my thoughts which came to my mind watching the competition… (For results, photos, quickhits etc. you have to visit the official website. And for a complete review check out Gymnastics Examiner.)

Things I liked

  • Lopez’ Pokerface
  • Deviatovsky’s funny hair cut
  • Bross’  FANTASTIC routine on UB. Can anyone tell me where exactly the judges still found 9 tenth of deduction? I mean she can’t have a 0.3 deduction, so they found 9 times a 0.1 deduction. She nearly never bend her arms or legs, she hit every handstand + her pirouettes, her release moves were high and not too close to the bars and she stuck her picture perfect dismount. Well, after I’ve seen the routine a couple of times, I know where they took the deductions, but I am pretty sure you won’t find a gymnast who does a really perfect (UB) routine in the eyes of the judges. So here’s another example for the principle: A 9.0 E-Score is the new perfect 10! (Remember the E-Scores in the Olympic EF: Kexin (1st place) and Liukin (2nd) both got 9.025, Anastasia Koval received even 9.075 (5th).)
  • Raisman is Martha’s next beeamerr 🙂

Things I didn’t like

  • Don’t get me wrong. I do like pink. But why did Nastia not change her leotard in the Olympic AA and wore a different colour on every event? Then all the American gymnasts would have more colour to choose from (and not only pink) in order to show their will to win.
  • Who would wear a black bra under a transparent leotard? – Alexandra Raisman!
  • Koczi leads after two rotations but we haven’t seen a routine from him. No surprise.

Things I didn’t know

  • Horton gets his energy from PowerBars
  • Coaches really say what I always thought they’d say: Just forget about it (the fall). There are four more events to come.

And other Things

  • Americans (or better said the three hilarious reporters, Al Trautwig, Tim Daggett and Elfi Schlegel) still think everybody speaks English – so they are surprised, Yamamuro doesn’t understand them.
  • During one of the long breaks between the routines I started thinking about gymnasts and tattoos. Why aren’t there more gymnasts with tattoos? Chellsie Memmel has one, Carly Patterson… and then they showed Lopez’ Olympic-rings-tattoo on her back. Do you know other gymnasts with tattoos?

Congratulations to Bross and Deviatovsky! Elisabeth Seitz did a good job, too. And I am really happy with Jessica Lopez 3rd place. And for the records: Hambüchen didn’t expect and didn’t prepare to win this meet. (A lot of people mentioned his “weak” form.) He will upgrade his vault as soon as he has fully recovered from his foot injury he suffered just before the WC last year. The European Championships are the next big goal for Hambüchen. Though Al, Tim and Elfi don’t get tired to repeat how important this competition is, it is not at all important. Sorry for these harsh words, but it’s the truth :-).

3 Responses to “2010 American Cup – Thoughts”

  1. cris Says:

    His name is Koczi not Kozci!!

  2. gymnicetic Says:

    Thanks! Sometimes when you write a lot you just mix up the characters… 😦

  3. Jenny Says:

    I work with elite gymnasts during the summer as they prep for nationals. Most of the girls that went to the Olympics in 2000 and 2004 have tattoos of their experience in some form. Others that I have met have tattoos but they are on the inside of their wrist so most people don’t know that they are there and you won’t ever see them on tv.

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