5x Gymnastics

#1 LONDON The movie “Stick It becomes reality.

“Gymnasts Hannah Wickens, Kirsty Dalrymple, April Coombs, Scarlett Rolt and Elise Hale, got a unique chance to show off their amazing abilities, when they were invited by Walt Disney, to help launch the DVD of the ‘teen’ film ‘Stick It’” (Esprit Gymnastics)

Click play or watch it on YouTube:

#2 BERLIN German gymnasts Elisabeth Seitz, Maike Roll, Marie-Sophie Hindermann and Matthias Fahrig speak about their goals & hopes for 2010 (via Gymmedia). Seitz competed at the American Cup & we will see the other two girls + Oksana Chusovitina at the Tournament of Masters in Cottbus. Click on the names to see the interview-videos (in German). Please leave a comment if you are interested in a translation.

#3 COTTBUS Speaking of the upcoming B-World Cup in Cottbus (12-14 March): Sandra Izbasa is this years covergirl though she won’t compete (click here for a new interview with her (and Nadia Comaneci as her translator) on gymnastike). For Germany, Hindermann and Roll will perform on UB, BB and FX; Chusovitina does VT, of course. On the mens side Matthias Fahrig, Philipp Boy, Robert Juckel, Thomas Taranu and Marcel Nugyen will compete on several apparatus – so all the big names in German male gymnastics except for Fabian Hambüchen participate in this World Cup competition. Other gymnasts to watch: Kristina Vaculik (CAN – vt,ub,bb,fx), Vasiliki Millousi (GRE – ub,bb), Marta Pihan-Kulesza (POL – ub,bb,fx), Tatjana Solovyeva (RUS – ub,bb,fx) + four gymnasts from Uzbekistan who are trained by Chusovitina (Irina Deniskina, Yuliya Goreva, Diana Karimdjanova, Irina Volodchenko – two of them compete on VT, too). complete entry list (36 female, 71 male athletes) & live ticker

#4 MONTREAL The first B-World Cup in 2010 was a huge disappointment: Only 11 gymnasts from 6 different nations + 4 Canadian athletes participated in the event. The womens competition was canceled due to a lack of attendants. results

#5 DEBRECEN (HUN) Evgenia Kanaeva won all four gold medals at the first World Cup in rhythmic gymnastics and received 29.025 points (!) for her ribbon routine. The Russian group finished first with both routines, too. Click play or watch Kanaeva’s ribbon on YouTube:

full results (individual & group)

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  1. Scanman Says:

    Thanks for posting the video of demi-goddess Kanaeva!
    I really liked it.

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