Cottbus World Cup – Day 2

Here are the results for the event finals on Sunday at the B-World Cup in Cottbus.
Click on the names to see the routines on YouTube.

1. Tatiana Solovyeva (RUS) 14.775 (D-score 5.8) – front salto; switch ring leap; round-off layout; 2,5 twisting dismount

2. Kristina Vaculik (CAN) 14.425 (D-score 5.7) – rulfova; free walkover fwd into back handspring, layout step-out; aerial cartwheel; double back dismount

3. Vasiliki Millousi (GRE) 14.250 (D-score 5.7) – free walkover fwd into back handspring, layout step-out; switch ring leap; aerial cartwheel; double piked dismount (very deep landing)

Millousi obviously wasn’t satisfied with her score.


1. Kristina Vaculik (CAN) 13.950 (D-score 5.3) – 1,5 twists bwd into round-off 2.5 twists bwd; double salto bwd; double salto bwd piked

1. Marta Pihan-Kulesza (POL) 13.950 (D-score 5.4) – double arabian; 2,5 twists bwd

3. Jessica Diacci (SUI) 13.175 (D-score 5.1) – double arabian; 1,5 twists bwd into somersault fwd; double salto bwd

Watching some of the routines on YouTube, I especially liked the women’s final on the floor. Kristina Vaculik (1st) knows how to sell a good choreography and clean tumbling not only to the audience but also to the judges. 22-year-old Marta Pihan-Kuleszka (1st) presented her dance very well, too (and I like her hair – this time it’s black & silver). Jessica Diacci from Switzerland kept her tumbling clean, too, and therefore earned the third place. Tatiana Solovyeva came fourth and though I liked the music and the dancing, it just didn’t fit her and her young age. Some steps on the landings might have cost her a medal. Maike Roll (very elegant and balletic), Anysia Unick and Marie-Sophie Hindermann finished fifth, sixth and seventh. What I really like about Hindermann is her continuous smile during her routines, but unfortunately her new choreography isn’t well designed. There are too many stops and it just doesn’t feel fluent. 15-year-old Irina Volodchenko from Uzbekistan, coached by  and competing against Oksana Chusovitina (at least on vault), placed 8th. If I am right, the German commenter said it was her first (international?) competition. Nice to see Anton Fokin congratulating her and making fun in the kiss-and-cry area.
Seeing some basic gymnastic skills on floor (back walkover / Diacci, aerial cartwheel / Vaculik) was a nice alternation.


1. Matthias Fahrig (GER) 16.112

2. Alin Jivan (ROU) 15.787

3. Jeffrey Wammes (NED) 15.437


1. Yosuke Hoshi (JPN) 15.425 (D-score 6.2)

2. Epke Zonderland (NED) 15.300 (D-score 6.1)

3. Claudio Capelli (SUI) 15.250 (D-score 6.2)


1. Epke Zonderland (NED) 15.825 (D-score 6.9)

2. Yosuke Hoshi (JPN) 15.600 (D-score 6.6)

3. Takuya Niijima (JPN) 15.400 (D-score 6.6)

related: Cottbus World Cup – Day 1; official website (results, report, photos)

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