5x Gymnastics

1# 17-year old Maike Roll announced her temporary retirement from international gymnastics competitions. Too much stress caused her well-considered decision to compete in the future only for her gymnastics club “TG Karlsruhe-Söllingen” in the German Bundesliga. Roll won’t cut back her training hours and she might probably compete internationally again. It’s the third big loss for the German national team after Kim Bui injured herself and Joeline Möbius retired a few weeks ago. (external source, German)

2# The Olympic Sports News Blog – who posted a very good interview with The Couch Gymnast about the new Couch Gymnast Magazine among other things (& a video-interview with David Lease, the voice of Aunt Joyce’s Ice Cream Stand) – also took a look back to the very beginnings of gymnastics and showed us favourite gymnastics routines of the 1950’s. Here’s my favourite routine, which you can watch by clicking play or here on YouTube – how amazing it must have been to concentrate about the dismount while the sun shines on your head and a little sparrow hops on the beam:

3# TuS Chemnitz-Altendorf won the first of three meets of the German Bundesliga over Turn-Team Stuttgart and TG Karlsruhe-Söllingen. Marie-Sophie Hindermann finished with the highest AA-score (53,90), Luiza Galiulina (UZB) placed second (53,70) with 14,75 on BB (I haven’t noticed her great beam work at the Olympics – she would have been in the EF, if she hadn’t one sad fall. Check it out on YouTube.) and Elisabeth Seitz was third (52,75).

4# Evgenia Kanaeva didn’t surprise anyone winning four gold medals at the recent rhythmic gymnastics Grand Prix in Thiais. Her teammate Daria Dimitrieva finished second on all four apparatus. The Russian group won both finals, too. But here’s a surprise: Germany finished second (5 hoops) and third (3 ribbons + 2 ropes)! Congratulations! (competition report, Gymmedia)

5# Eberhard Gienger the 1976 Olympic bronze medalist on highbar who has the Gienger-salto named after him still knows how to orbit the bar. Click play or watch Eberhard Gienger on YouTube:

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