Is Komova the new Liukin?

Why couldn’t the Russians send the slight and elegant junior Viktoria Komova, their rising star on the gymnastics sky, to the recent American Cup – it would have surely been a double win for the big Eastern country. And what happened to her in Jesolo? Obviously, she didn’t compete as I can’t find any result with her name on it. Nevertheless, her homepage says this:

“The Junior All Around results are also in. Vika didn’t make it in the top results, but congratulations to Anastasia Grishina of Russia for winning the Gold in the All Around final!”

But watching the new (unfortunately removed) routines from the Russian Championships 2010 I was wondering might Viktoria Komova be the next Nastia Liukin? Of course, this suggestion includes Viktoria to be the next Olympic AA Champion in London 2012. Not only their body types are similar, but also the way to perform very difficult elements as if they were the easiest things in the world. In my opinion, Komova is even more present, fluent and precise in her performances. She is only 15 years old and has already a big pool of high-difficult elements from which she can choose. Two more years until the 2012 Olympics should give her enough time to perfect her gymnastics.

Komovas uneven bars routine include a Khorkina, stretched Jaeger, Tkatchev (a lot higher than Liukin’s), piked Stalder + 1/1 turn, Pak, Tsukahara dismount. On beam she already did a back handspring + layout step-out + standing arabian (okay, she fell, but nevertheless…). And on vault she performed an Amanar, which gives her a lot of bonus points compared to Liukins very clean 1,5 twisting Yurchenko. But I like her the most on floor (double arabian, tsukahara, triple twist, double pike + a little bit of a James Bond mixed with a girl on the playground)

As I always like to suppose very early who might win the Euros, Worlds or the Olympics, I will risk this statement and maybe, maybe it comes true.

3 Responses to “Is Komova the new Liukin?”

  1. KomovaisBETTERthenNastya Says:

    I wouldn’t compare Komova to Nastia because Nastia is overrated. Nastia and Viktoria have the same bad form on bars (she even has Nastia’s horrific giants) but after that they are not the same. Vika can vault and her beam isn’t the code whored Nastia Liukin either.

    If Nastia was dinged for her form as bad as it was Shawn would have won the AA even with the messed up 2.5 and I am not even close to being a Shawn fan. Overall I find Nastia the most over scored gymnast in the history of the sport next to Svetlana Khorkina. The head fixed that competition for her. Its a shame.

  2. becca Says:

    Well first of all I doubt the USAG would invite her. Second, they Russians, Chinese, Romanians do not send their top gymnasts because they know they won’t be judged fairly.

  3. anna Says:

    to the first commentator – way too hard on nastia. her moves are elegant & graceful, smooth & seemingly flawless – you can tell she can do her routines in her sleep! how many gymnasts nowadays have that? big shoes to fill, in my opinion. her 08 olympic performances were almost perfect, except that one step she took after the dismount on bars. i think komova definitely has potential, and out of all the gymnasts, she is the most similar to nastia.

    to the second commentator – that’s not true. maybe back then they could be rigged but it’s fair & square now. who’d be dumb enough to NOT send their best? you’d obviously send your best & give those judges nothing bad to say about your competitors, if you really think it’s unfair. sending your not-so-great competitors would just keep fueling the myth that it’s unfair.

    each gymnast will forever be their own legend – let’s not compare too much now. nastia’s dynasty is over, but her marks on the olympics & gymnastics world will forever remain. now let’s sit back & watch how the ’12 olympics unfurl and appreciate the new competitors. wieber, douglas & komova are on my top list to watch! 🙂

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