German Team for 2010 Europeans

SENIORS: Oksana Chusovitina, Marie-Sophie Hindermann, Elisabeth Seitz, Dorothee Henzler, Lisa Katharina Hill

JUNIORS: Desiree Baumert, Janine Berger, Isabelle Marquard, Katja Roll, Rosa Lynn Schmitz

Except for a medal on vault for Chusovitina, German head coach Ulla Koch doesn’t expect anything – and that’s very wise in my opinion. It doesn’t look good for the German team. But hey: Taking part is everything! And I’m curious how the German juniors will make their debut.

If you want to see brand-new videos of all the girls (except for Janine Berger), go on this website, choose “Competitions 2010” and “1. BundesLiga WK” on the left and click on the routines you want to see. They were filmed at the first meet of the German Bundesliga (27th March 2010).


Oksana Chusovitina – 34 years old – I think you all know her great achievements over the past decades.

Marie-Sophie Hindermann – 18 – (Olympic team member 2008; Doha World Cup 2009: 3rd UB; Cottbus World Cup 2010: 3rd UB)

Elisabeth Seitz – 16 – (German Championships 2009: 2nd AA, 2nd BB, 2nd FX; DTB-World Cup 2009: 3rd FX; American Cup 2010: 6th AA)

Dorothee Henzler – 17 – (Junior European Championships 2006: 3rd team; German Championships 2009: 6th AA, 2nd VT, 3rd FX)

Lisa Katharina Hill – 17 – (Junior European Championships 2006: 3rd team)


Desiree Baumert – 15 – (Junior German Championships 2009: 1st AA)

Janine Berger – 13 – (JGCh 09 (age class 14): 2nd AA)

Isabelle Marquard – 14 – (JGCh 09: 3rd AA)

Katja Roll – 14 – (JGCh 09: 6th AA)

Rosa-Lynn Schmitz – 13

(external source – German) / (photos via gymfan)

2 Responses to “German Team for 2010 Europeans”

  1. Ali T Says:

    What happened to Maike Roll? She had potential and at least had international experience. Is Katja her younger sister? And as for Oxsana- LEGEND! I admire her sooo much and hope she has a FANTASTIC competition!! She rocks 😀

  2. gymnicetic Says:

    Maike Roll recently decided to retire from international gymnastics competitions (
    And yes, Katja is her younger sister. They both train at the same club (TG Karlsruhe-Söllingen).

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