Jesolo’s Floor Routines

Gymnastics Coaching and Aunt Joyce’s Ice Cream Stand already celebrated the next young Russian star Anastasia Grishina. But I highly recommend to take a look at little Japanese Mai Murakami (11th) or the great Italian floorworker Giulia Leni (14th) at the Jesolo meet in Italy. (complete junior results)

A big thank you to monig650 who uploaded a lot of routines – otherwise we would have a lot less to write about!

Giulia Leni had the third best floor routine after Ross and Grishina (second best E-score after Grishina) including a double layout, rudi, whip back+backhandspring+double tucked and double piked done without any steps on the landings! (5.1/8.850 – 13.950) Watch out for the 14-year-old at the European Championships if she makes the junior team.

Click play or watch it on YouTube:

Another gymnast with good skills on floor but unfortunately bad form is Risa Konishi (JAP, 11th). Her elements are all you need to win a final – Tsukahara, double twisting front layout, 2.5 twists backwards into front layout, triple twist – but she should work on her landings, crossed feets and splits in order to get a higher E-score. (5.4/8.000 – 13.400)

Click play or watch it on YouTube:

A nice alternation to see a Mai Murakami beginning the routine really on the floor. She didn’t do her double layout, but her tumbling is still very impressive: double twisting double back, front whip+front layout 1/1 twist, double piked, triple twist. (5.0/8.300 – 13.300)

Click play or watch her on YouTube:

All in all we really saw the creme de la creme in Jesolo. I wish I could have been there but as long as nobody invents a time-machine I still have to wait for someone who filmed the meet and uploads the routines!

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