Swiss Team for Euros

Here’s the complete team from Switzerland for the European Championships 2010.

Will Ariella Käslin (4th at American Cup) be able to improve from her 3rd place last year and even grab the silver or gold? Who knows! (UPDATE: this will definitely NOT happen! – see comments) And I’m curious to see junior Sara Catanzaro at her first major competition. She already did a standing arabian & a round-off layout on BB when she was 12 years old. Is she still able to do these elements & can she repeat under the huge pressure? Who knows!

WOMEN – Senior

  • Ariella Kaeslin (age: 22)
  • Jessica Diacci (16)
  • Giulia Steingruber (16)
  • Jennifer Senn (16)
  • Yasmin Zimmermann (17)

WOMEN – Junior

  • Nadia Baeriswyl (14)
  • Sara Catanzaro (15)
  • Sarah Di Lascia (13)
  • Sarina Gerber (15)
  • Nadia Mühlhauser (14)

MEN – Senior

  • Niki Böschenstein (25)
  • Claudio Capelli (23)
  • Lucas Fischer (19)
  • Roman Gisi (24)
  • Mark Ramseier (26)

MEN – Junior

  • Marco Rizzo (17)
  • Eddi Yusof (15)
  • Michael Meier (18)
  • Oliver Hegi (17)
  • Pablo Brägger (17)

2 Responses to “Swiss Team for Euros”

  1. Me Says:

    Ariella Käslin cant improve her 3rd place in AA because will be no AA this year 😉

    • gymnicetic Says:

      Oh yes, you are right! I totally forgot – maybe because I really wish there would be an AA… 😦

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