Make It Or Break It IS ridiculous

I just watched the last episode of the first season of Make It Or Break It “We are Family” cause I didn’t have anything else to do and wanted to know whether the show maybe improved towards the end. Well, the answer is definitely NO!

I didn’t see all of the episodes cause I got bored and even the gymnastics and all the mistakes weren’t exciting or funny enough to keep me interested in the drama. So, apparently Payson – the injured gymnast – is healthy and trains again. Kaylie still has problems with Lauren & Carter. And the Rocky Mountain Gymnastic Training Center got the opportunity to compete against China in order to prove the Rock girls to be better than the USA team which competed in Beijing earlier this season. Do you think the Chinese national team would ever compete against, well maybe WOGA?

The good thing is, there was a lot of gymnastics to see. But that’s all.

If you want to do a series about ELITE gymnastics you get a problem if you want to keep it realistic and show some high valued gymnastics skills. No stunt double is capable of doing a 3.5 twist on floor or a UB routine with a score of 16.700 (I think they pretended to use the old CoP, though the scores are absolutely unrealistic even if they used the old one.). And that’s why they needed a very good cutter for this episode & even though I saw a lot of “gymnastics” I didn’t really saw one single element (except for some switch leaps) that wasn’t cut together from three different perspectives.

Another interesting thing were the prejudices against Chinese gymnasts: They walk awkwardly military but still with waving hands. They almost cry if they loose the gold medal. They are very young. They don’t have drama in their non-existing lives. They are like machines – without any fear. Well, at least they didn’t bring the Romanians as the best team in the world.

But the “best” thing was Payson’s spontaneous routine on the uneven bars. Lauren hurt her ankle doing the dismount on the balance beam (she still stuck it, but couldn’t compete anymore). So the coach thought it would be a great idea to put Payson in the line-up, who didn’t touch the bars since her injury. That’s a fantastic idea, right?! Payson trusted herself and her untrained body (on UB) and – of course – did it perfectly.

Okay, okay I know what you are thinking: If you don’t like it – don’t watch it. But sometimes it’s just fun to complain about ridiculous shows. And hey, if you like the show – don’t read articles with the title “Make It Or Break It IS ridiculous”! 🙂

In the end it’s a good thing to have more gymnastics on tv (even if it’s bad gymnastics).

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