2010 Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships

It’s time again for the elegant and graceful ladies to take the stage at the 26th Rhythmic Gymnastics European Championships in Bremen (GER), April 16-18.

“99 Juniors will participate in the Qualification (CI) and Apparatus Finals (CIII), whereas 22 Senior Groups will present two different exercises. For European Championships taking place on even years, the 20 best gymnasts from Competition I of the previous year compete in an Individual All-around competition.” (FIG)

The creme de la creme of RG will represent 13 countries in the individual all-around (no apparatus finals):

Caroline Weber (AUT)

Aliya Garayeva, Javadli Zeynab (AZE)

Melitina Staniouta, Liubou Charkashyna (BLR)

Silviya Miteva, Monika Mincheva (BUL)

Carolina Rodriguez (ESP)

Delphine Ledoux (FRA)

Michaela Metallidou (GRE)

Irina Risenson, Neta Rivkin (ISR)

Julieta Cantaluppi, Ianni Chiara (ITA)

Joanna Mitrosz (POL)

Alexandra Piscupescu (ROU)

Evgenia Kanaeva, Daria Kondakova (RUS)

Alina Maksymenko, Ganna Rizatdinova (UKR)

Look out for – of course – Evgenia Kanaeva who won all titles in 2008 & 2009, her compatriot Daria Kondakova and Melitina Staniouta (4th at the World Championships 09 in Mie).

The juniors can also qualify for the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore (six individual gymnasts + one group composed of four gymnasts).

official website / complete roster (The Russians will bring not only one doctor and masseur, but four doctors and two masseurs!)

UPDATE: Results

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