Euros 2010 – medal contender

Finally, I can pursue one of my favourite things: Predict the 2010 European Champions!

Okay, in the team competition, Russia should be able to defeat Romania. Great Britain (with the support of the homecrowd), France, Italy or even the Ukraine might grab the bronze medal. Thinking of the great achievements for the French gymnasts at the French International, I’ll predict France as the bronze medal winner.

And now for the event finals. On vault, I suppose Oksana Chusovitina Ariella Kaeslin (both former European Vault Champion) will go 1st and 2nd (if Chusovitina doesn’t fall). And Youna Dufournet will get the third place.

Chusovitina – Kaeslin – Dufournet

The uneven bars will be dominated by Beth Tweddle, the Russian girls Aliya Mustafina and Tatiana Nabieva (who scored 15.150 at the Jesolo Trophy) and maybe Ksenia Semenova, Youna Dufournet, Vanessa Ferrrari, the Romanians Ana Porgras & Amelia Racea or Nataliya Kononenko (14.750 at the Ukrainian Cup). If Tweddle hits, she will defeat her title. So I’ll put her in 1st place. Dufournet impressed not only the crowd but also the judges at the French International competing a Def and getting a D-score of 6.900 and that’s why I think she will win silver. Nabieva will maybe be in third place.

Tweddle – Dufournet – Nabieva

Beam: I’m hoping for Luisa Galiulina (UZB) to hit her routine not only in qualification but also in the final and get her well-deserved bronze medal. (UPDATE: Of course, Galiulina can’t compete at the Euros (see comments). What was I thinking!? – How about Mustafina for the 3rd place?) Who will place 2nd and 1st? Ana Porgras or Amelia Racea? Aliya Mustafina, the Greek beamworker Vasiliki Millousi or even Valeriia Maksiuta (ISR) who scored a 15.10 at the Stella Cup? Maybe it’s time for a Romanian sweep: Ana Porgras 1st & Amelia Racea 2nd! Of course, we shouldn’t forget the Italian girls (Elisabetta Preziosa or Vanessa Ferrari, who is already training her standing full). But hey, there are only three spots on the podium. By the way, I would love to see Sanne Wevers beam routine packed with single, double and triple turns in the EF.

Porgras – Racea – Mustafina

And now let’s talk about the floor. Here are the gymnasts who will most likely reach the final or even win a medal: Diana Chelaru & Ana Porgras, Beth Tweddle, Anna Myzdrikova, Ksenia Semenova or Ekaterina Kurbatova, Vanessa Ferrari

How about: Tweddle – Myzdrikova – Chelaru?

Now that I finish this post, the predictions (especially on VT & UB) seem pretty boring and well… predictable. So in the end I hope for one or two (or more) surprises which will prove me wrong (I surely have overlooked the one or other medal contender). 🙂

4 Responses to “Euros 2010 – medal contender”

  1. Eurofan Says:

    Galiulina can’t compete at Euros. UZB is in Central Asia, not Europe.

  2. Mary Says:

    Yeah, that’s assuming anyone can be there. *crosses fingers that the cloud will clear*

  3. Eurofan Says:

    Russia, Ukraine, Belarus have already cancelled for MAG. Who knows if they’ll make it to WAG???

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