Germany wins over Poland & Mix-Team

A last trial for the German and Polish gymnastics teams as well as Sascha Palgen (LUX) was held in Dessau (GER). The German team composed of Fabian Hambüchen, Matthias Fahrig, Marcel Nguyen, Philipp Boy and Eugen Spiridonov won with 269.000 over a Mix-Team (Anton Wirt, Sebastian Krimmer, Thomas Taranu (GER) and Sascha Palgen (LUX) / 254.150) and the Polish team for the European Championships (Prezmyslaw Lis, Kamil Hulboj, Marek Lyszczarz, Adam Kierzkowski and Roman Kulesza).

Fabian Hambüchen (SR – 14.80), Marcel Nguyen (VT – 16.00 / FX – 15.10), Philipp Boy (HB – 15.90), Roman Kulesza (PB – 15.55) and Eugen Spiridonov (PH – 14.70) achieved the highest scores on each apparatus.

complete results

The German team will go by bus to Birmingham instead of taking the airplane because of the volcano activity in Iceland. The UEG rescheduled the event after flight delays and cancellations.

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