A whole bunch of… Acrobatic Gymnastics

Did I mention that I LOVE Acrobatic Gymnastics?!

That’s why I was very happy to read the following post on GymnasticsCoaching:

“This video is going ballistic. Must see. Post it to Facebook.

I’m so happy that Acrobatic Gymnastics getting this kind of popular recognition. It’s truly the most interesting discipline of all

Season 4 Ep. 2 — Britain’s Got Talent: Gymnastics group Spelbound all come from different backgrounds and are just trying to get as far as the Royal Variety Show. …”

Click play or watch them on YouTube:

The gymnasts (including my favourite gymnast Katie Axten) not only want to win the show but also promote the widely unknown gymnastics discipline (Simon Cowell: I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.) in order to make it an Olympic event.

“Britain’s Got Talent act Spelbound have revealed that they entered the talent show in a bid to make their sport an Olympic event. The 13 talented athletes in the group range in age from 12 to 24.

They travel the world taking part in acrobatic gymnastic competitions.

Spellbound said that they are “thrilled” to reach the next round of the talent show but also want recognition from sporting organisers.

Group leader Alex Uttley, told The Sun: “We thought that we would give Britain’s Got Talent a show to promote the sport so it can become and Olympic sport.” (complete article)

Spelthorne Gymnastics is one of the best clubs for acrobatic gymnastics in the world. They were successful not only at the recent British Championships 2010 (BGtv has an excellent coverage) but also at European and World Championships.

Good Luck!! (Especially for the Olympic Mission!)

UPDATE: Spelbound made it through to the final!

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