… for the following reasons:

  • best commentary – the commentators not only mention the hard training or tell us that the gymnast (cause they can’t remember the name) stepped out of bounds (that’s the American way – thinking of the American Cup coverage…) but they really know every single athlete & their backgrounds, the name of the skills (for example the handstand positions in acrobatic gymnastics: flag, crocodile, mexican…), the requirements etc.
  • fantastic camera work – different perspectives, some close, some give a good overview, just perfect!
  • high quality
  • they are up-to-date – thinking of the Worlds in London… they had some good videos briefly after the competition + some interviews & features
  • variability – they cover artistic, acrobatic, rhythmic gymnastics, tumbling, aerobic; they report from competitions but also visit different gyms all over the country

They covered the recent British Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships 2010. Click through to see excellent routines and if you don’t know anything at all about acrobatic gymnastics it’s a great way to start learning the basics of the sport. Maybe you want to see Katie Axten & Nicolas Illingworth (Spelthorne Gymnastics) from the Spelbound group in action?! Click here to see their new combined routine!


UPDATE: BGTV also covers the 2010 European Championships (interviews)!

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