What a week for gymnastics!!

  • Phew! That was an intense time for artistic gymnastics! With the European Championships and the Pacific Rim Championships it was like birthday and christmas at the same time. And now we are waiting for the best in Europe to meet the best in… well non-Europe at the Worlds (which might be like New Year’s Eve). While the Russians dominated at the Euros (especially Viktoria Komova and Anastasia Grishina with the junior team – the seniors won the team gold and Ekaterina Kurbatova got gold on VT; Beth Tweddle won FX & UB, Amelia Racea BB) the US team was definitely the strongest nation at the PacRims winning almost every gold. The Couch Gymnast, Gymnastics Examiner, The All Around etc. covered these events very well!
  • Congrats to the German men’s team winning the team competition at the Europeans! But the news Fabian Hambüchen ceased studying and started to write an autobiography worried me a little bit. I mean he is only 22. Many people thought his gymnastics doesn’t look as light and easy anymore as it used to. And he “only” won a bronze medal on high bar. Well, I hope he can handle the situation to be no longer number 1 in the German team and find a way back to his old glory. And if he doesn’t, well, I’ll still admire him for what he has already done for (men’s) gymnastics in Germany and hope that he is happy.
  • The next big thing was the IOC decision to strip China of the 2000 Olympic bronze medal. And reading all the articles I think almost everything is already said. If the FIG really wants to stick with the age rule they should be consequent and punish everyone who cheated. And if the FIG really wants to prevent countries from cheating they should not only strip the medals but also punish the national gymnastics federations. And they should think about a really harsh punishment. But if they won’t be consequent, they should drop the age restriction (which might be better anyway). Read the official IOC decision here. (Did you also stumble over the photo on the FIG website? Why did they put a gymnasts feet and hands instead of… hm… maybe something Chinese above the article?)

  • FIG reinvents the World Cup series in 2011. Will it help to attract more viewers and maybe even more media?!
  • Shawn Johnson is planning to compete in 2012. She starts training again with her coach Liang Chow. Will Nastia come back, too? Will Shawn’s decision influence her? First we have to wait and see whether Shawn gets back in shape. But if Nastia will try to add another Olympic medal to her collection she shouldn’t start later than in the beginning of 2011 with her training.
  • Kayla Williams, current World Champion on vault, left her gym because of a falling out with her coaches and trains now at Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy in Ohio with her new coach Mary Lee Tracy.

I know, I know there is nothing new in this post. But in order to write about less important changes in artistic gymnastics I had to summarize everything important – maybe rather for me than for you (as you surely know already about everything). 🙂

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