Breaking News: Russia got beaten!

I’m joking! But it’s the first time since… well, let’s say a very long time that Russia didn’t win every gold medal at a World Cup. The feverish Evgenia Kanaeva withdrew from the 36th World Cup in Corbeil-Essones (FRA), Daria Dmitrieva didn’t get her visa, Yana Lukonina didn’t qualify for ball EF and Daria Kondakova’s ball was just too slippery.

Click play or watch Silviya Miteva (BUL) – the gold-medal winner with ball – on YouTube:

She performs to “Comptine D’un Autre ete : L’apres-midi” (The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain).

complete AA results, EF ball, EF ribbon, EF rope, EF hoop

I checked the 2010 World Cups and it wasn’t the first time, Russia didn’t take every available gold. Miteva won another gold (ball) in Kalamata (GRE) and Staniouta (BLR) could grab 2 gold medals, too – but the rest went to Russia.

One Response to “Breaking News: Russia got beaten!”

  1. viddy Says:

    Miteva deserved it! Finnnnalllly!!!

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