(New) Blogs

Spanny Tampson’s Big Fake Smile – I love this funny & ironic blog, the gymnastic-themed-cakes, and especially all of the gymnastics montages! My favourite: The Gymnast is a Vamp, She’s a Vixen Not a Tramp – check them all out on the YouTube-channel!

The All Around – Amy who works for Gymnastike just started her own blog. (It’s not The All Around which did the great coverage of the Europeans etc.)

GRACEful Gymnast – “I am a region 2 coach and gymnast. Currently coaching at Grace Gymnastics and healing from an injury. I am absolutely OBSESSED with gymnastics related anything!” Read what she has to say about Al Fong, Ivana Hong & gymnasts who train with injury.

Kunstturnen – That’s my own brandnew blog about gymnastics in Germany & the world. It will be similar to GymNiceTic except for my goal to cover more German gymnastics news and of course the fact that it’s in German.

It’s About Artistic Gymnastics – Since September 2009 Norma puts tons and tons of photos on her blog. Some are old, some are brandnew, for example these from the Euros: (Click on archives to get an overview.)

Of course I’ll add them to my list of gymnastics blogs.

3 Responses to “(New) Blogs”

  1. Rick McCharles Says:


    Will be subscribing to a couple, including yours auf Deutsche.

  2. It’s About Artistic Gymnastics — Gymnastics Coaching.com Says:

    […] (via GymNiceTic) […]

  3. Little Links 13/5/10 Says:

    […] on from GymNiceTic’s previous list of Gymnastics Blogs, there are some new blogs to be found! Thanks a million for this artistic gymnastics, gymnastics […]

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