Germans at Karolyi Ranch

Last year part of the German national gymnastics team trained at WOGA (gymnastike coverage). This year they don’t fear Marta Karolyi. So they come and train with Sloan, Bross… at the Ranch (06/27/10-?). “They” are: Elisabeth Seitz, Marie-Sophie Hindermann, Lisa-Katharina Hill, Pia Tolle, Giulia Hindermann and Ruby van Dijk (only Elisabeth, Giulia and Pia went both years). After being trained under Marta’s regiment, they travel to Bieger International Gymnastics in Florida. The training abroad – in one of the most successful countries in women’s gymnastics – is part of the long way to the Olympics 2012.

Here are the girls:

(all pictures from, taken at the last Bundesliga meet (05/15/10))

I’m hoping for some coverage either by the German gymnastics association, gymnastike or someone else… we’ll see.

external source (German)

UPDATE: B.I.G. published some photos

Marie-Sophie Hindermann, Pia Tolle, Jana Bieger, Elisabeth Seitz, Ruby van Dijk, Giulia Hindermann + coaches

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