Walking in Zurich…

While I was taking a nice walk through the beautiful Swiss city, taking a break from blogging, just enjoying the warm weather and looking for a place to stay for the next two years (and maybe longer – yes, I’m moving again – and the Swiss Cup in October is already on my schedule), I couldn’t escape from gymnastics. A bank (yes, they DO have a lot of banks!) exhibited some old gymnastics posters in their windows. I tried my best to get some good pictures…

Ostschweizer Satus-Kunstturnertag

Somehow his legs follow perfectly the branches.

je suis une chamberienne sportive

Just imagine it’s only her & a blue background – nothing else.

III. Eidgenössischer Kunstturn...

I think he’s on the floor and the the high bar is just in the background. Otherwise he would surely fall in the next second. 🙂

Bischofszell 1929


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