German Junior Champions

Two weeks ago the German Junior Championships were held in Detmold. Here are the four new (junior) Champions (age 15/14/13/12):

Jannika Greber (12) – most successful: winning 4x gold and 1x silver (UB) (AA: 49.800)

Cagla Akyol (13) – showed off her new skills on FX: piked Tsuk, 2.5 twists bwd. + front tucked, 1.5 twists + front layout, piked double back (AA: 51.100)

Click play or watch her EF floor routine on YouTube:

Rosa-Lynn Schmitz (14) – 3x gold (AA, FX, VT) with Katja Roll on the junior team for the Europeans (team: 8th place) (AA: 51.000)

Katja Roll (15) – younger sister of Maike Roll (AA:51.700)

Bernhard ( took some good photos – click through to see the other gymnasts. (videos on german-gymnastics)

Those were the days… Finja Säfken (13 / 5th place) is still small enough to run under the lower bar and jump to the high bar + kip to handstand as her mount on UB. I guess she didn’t want to do the Gienger between the two bars.

Click play or watch her UB on YouTube:

And Nadine Jarosch (15 / 2nd place) wore the Milano leotard which I really like for workout but I never expected a gymnast to chose it for a competition.

Nadine Jarosch

all results on gymmedia (German)

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