Stick it?

Since the new landing rule on floor forced the female gymnasts to keep their feet together after every tumbling pass (like the men), I saw a lot of hopping around on the floor (with both feet glued together) or some simple jumps (especially after double arabian) which were supposed to look coordinated (+ give an extra 0.1 for the D-Score) but sometimes couldn’t cover the fact that the tumbling just wasn’t that well controlled. And I’m not really sure if hopping or jumping uncoordinated looks better than taking a small or medium step.

Kyla Ross‘ FX at the recent PacRim is an exceptional and rare (proof me to be wrong and leave a comment, I would love to see more “perfect-landing-routines”!) example of “perfect landings”. She sticks every single one of her four tumbling passes. Great job!

Click play or watch her routine on YouTube:

(Even though I’m not sure whether the judges still took 0.1 for the tiny little hop after her double arabian & the double back dismount seeing her 8.75 E-score…)

2 Responses to “Stick it?”

  1. giRafe Says:

    When I think about sticking cold on floor, I immediatly think about Anna Myzdrikova. At Worlds EF she litteraly blew me away. I’Ve been looking for a 4 on 4 perfect routine on youtube, but she often get a tiny problem with one pass… But when she sticks, it’S not like Vega, she sticks COLD. Plus I love the music and her style.

  2. giRafe Says:

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