ITA wins over GER and FRA

At the recent meet (06/26/10) between France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland in Toulon (FRA) the Italian girls took the title (163.550) over Germany (153.400) and France (143.500). Switzerland placed fourth with 137.500 points. All gymnasts weren’t older than 13.

italian team

(From left to right:) Lara Mori, Martina Rizzelli, Elisa Meneghini was the best on UB (13.600) & BB (14.250), Enus Mariani and Serena Bugani had the highest score on VT (15.100) & FX (13.700). Click on the links to see the best routines on YouTube – they are worth to watch!

Elisa Meneghini (55.70) and Serena Bugani (52.60) placed 1st and 2nd in the AA. Germany’s Cagla Akyol (51.00) came third.

german team

Alizee Quiroga-Duffard, Emilie Poirson, Julie Roemer, Oceane Seggio and Emma Swanek competed for France.

Selina Giger, Ilaria Kaslin, Alice Jelmini, Eliane Schreiber and Conny Guissani were in the Swiss team.

results: team / individual

external source (French)

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