Amelia McGrath

Obviously I just watched the PacRim on YouTube. (Okay, I wrote this sentence before I took a four-week break. But at this time I just watched the whole competition – and it was fun!) Here’s another gymnast I really like (next to Wieber & Ross): Amelia McGrath. I can’t really describe what I felt watching her compete on balance beam. She was so unpredictable, innovative and yes, nervous (I haven’t seen a gymnast waiting THAT long before a skill!) but still somehow very confident and sure of what she was doing. This girl has everything to make the audience love her: a “real” mount, powerful leaps, flexibility, her own “swinging” style (the pauses will get shorter as she gets more experience) and last but not least some good elements. I definitely want to see more!

Click play or watch her beam on YouTube:

And one last thought about the PacRims: Rebecca Bross’ pokerface is perfection – and it would look even better if she wouldn’t wear her hair girlie-like-curled but straight and clean.

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