The “Fahrig” – new G-Element!

How many gymnasts will now start training the “Fahrig”? How many gymnasts will be capable of doing a piked double arabian with 1.5 twists?

The FIG just decided the new element will get the highest difficulty (G / 0.7) and it will be named after Matthias Fahrig if he does it successfully at an official FIG-competition… how about Worlds?!

Only two other elements have the same value: double back with three twists / triple back

Click play or watch Fahrig’s FX routine on YouTube:

Not only the first tumbling pass wowes gymnastics fans. The second (double twisting front layout + double somersault forward), third (2.5 twists backwards + 1 twist forward), fourth (double arabian piked) and fifth (double arabian) aren’t bad either! Obviously he likes arabians! It doesn’t look as if it takes much effort to do the piked double arabian…

He got 15.200. All he has to do is to clean his tumbling and fix the landings. Easier said than done.

external source: DTL / GymmediaSüddeutsche Zeitung (German)

UPDATE: Just found some new pictures from a recent photo shoot with Matthias Fahrig… click through to see more.

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