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Fun with the Ball

August 30, 2010

Why should only rhythmic gymnasts have all the fun the apparatus? Why not incorporate e.g. a ball in artistic gymnastics skills?

Click play or watch it on YouTube:

Click play or watch it on YouTube:

Germany – Trials for Worlds

August 29, 2010

Elisabeth Seitz won the first of three trials of the German women’s team for the World Championships in October with a score of 53.05 despite having troubles on all four apparatus. She defeated Joeline Möbius (51.75) who just decided to come back and newcomer Pia Tolle (50.40) at the national training center in Kienbaum (GER). Head coach Ulla Koch criticized, too many mistakes were made by the gymnasts.

The German Championships which take place in Berlin in two weeks – also as a test for the 2011 Europeans the first time on a podium – and a friendly meet GER-SUI-ROM in Schaffhausen (SUI) are the other two trials for the Worlds.

Elisabeth Seitz, Joeline Möbius, Pia Tolle as well as Marie-Sophie Hindermann, Giulia Hindermann, Lisa-Katharina Hill, Dorothee Henzler, Ruby van Dijk and Anja Brinker are potential team members. Oksana Chusovitina will join them at the Nationals. At the moment she is in Uzbekistan because of a serious illness of her mother.

Kim Bui is still injured and won’t compete for Germany in Rotterdam.

external source (German)

Russian Cup 2010 – photos

August 28, 2010

The Russian Gymnastics Federation has some good photos of the Russian Cup on their website. Click through to see the winner Aliya Mustafina, the Ksenias (2nd & 3rd) and more!

Ksenia, Ksenia & Aliya having some fun on the podium!

The first Perfect 10 in 2010!

August 28, 2010

The first perfect 10 this year is awarded the reigning queen of rhythmic gymnastics – Evgenia Kanaeva – at the World Cup in Minsk (21-23 May).

She received 29.550 (D: 9.85 / A: 10 / E: 9.7) in the AA/qualification and placed first, of course. In rhythmic gymnastics they not only have D- and E-Scores like in artistic gymnastics, but they also have a score to judge the artistry of the routines.

Do you think Kanaeva’s artistry is perfect?

Click play or watch her routine on YouTube:

“the worst possible commentary team in the history of gymnastics”

August 27, 2010

I was really looking forward to the all-around final at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. And not only to see Komova, Tan & co. fighting for the medals, but also to get some good laughs how less some people know about gymnastics – some people who got the job to do the commentary of, well, the gymnastics competition.

Some turned the sound off, others had a good time not only watching, but also hearing the competition, posting the best comments (of the two famous commenters) on IG, while everyone knew he/she could have done a far, far better job!

Here are some of the quotes I found on the IG Forum:

  • The seem to have absoutely no idea!!! Suddenly im feeling some appreciation toward the idiot trio!
    These commentators say things like “she swings around” and “its easier on the high bar to keep your feet from touching the ground” (sear-bear)
  • “it’s literally the balance beam!”
  • “The balance beam is hard and narrow.” (pinkclouds)
  • “some girls like to go with leather gloves” (sear-bear)
  • “falling on your bottom is a bigger deduction than taking a step” (sear-bear)
  • “Always a twist…a kick…a split…followed by a flip…a twist…” WHAT?
  • “Each floor must include 4 tumble passes…”, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!” (in one tumble run), Oh gosh. (aestivate)
  • The take off, twist, and stick are all considered different skills now. Who knew. (Fishbulb)
  • “that spin was in time with the music so the judges will like that” (sare-bear)
  • I feel like I’m watching sesame street. (Bekah)
  • WHOA They discovered the term “short landing”! Too bad they don’t know when to use it…(smiles)
  • THIS JUST IN: Prepping for moves lowers your difficulty.
    That and the ‘not-making-corner’ deduction, one could wonder why all of the execution scores are so damn generous. (aestivate)
  • OMG! he found out what a Yurchenko is!! (rocky)
  • “The uneven beam” (Gymfan 15)
  • I officially crown these commentators the worst in the sport. (smiles)

I laughed out loud when I heard “its easier on the high bar to keep your feet from touching the ground” and “some girls like to go with leather gloves”…

What’s your favourite?

Gymnastics Examiner just informed us about a letter written by the former Singaporean national champion Alex Liang, in which he complains about the bad commentary.

Acro is all around us (part 4)

August 27, 2010

Here come some more gold medal winning routines from the 2010 World Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships.

Women’s Group, 11-16, Russia (dynamic)

– energetic music, good technique – that’s all you need to win!


Women’s Group, 12-19, Belarus

– well executed elements including double layout & double piked


Women’s Group, seniors, Russia


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YOG – Event Finals – Liveticker (BB & FX)

August 22, 2010

So today it’s the last day of the artistic gymnastics competition at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. I’m curious if Tan really manages to win gold on beam. Or is it Komova who earns the fourth gold medal and maybe even the fifth on floor?


Komova got 15.150 in qualification and 15.250 in the all-around. Tan got 15.500 and 15.350.

Angela Donald in extreme “gymnast walk”. Komova, Ferlito wear same leos as yesterday. Kravchenko in sleeveless blue leo with a cut-out on chest. Porras in the Nastia-leo, but in black with blue sleeves. Freitas also sleevelesss in black/white leo. Tan first in warm-up. Donald in the 2007 Worlds leo. Commenters already named a lot of “dark horses” – everyone except Tan and Komova :-).

Komova just did a perfect arabian (no wobbles, high landing!). No falls during warm-up. Everyone looks really good.

  • Sixin Tan (CHN) – first tumbling pass: back handspring step-out, back handspring, layout, backhandspring to sit position, switch ring leap, front tuck, sheep jump, aerial cartwheel, full turn, no wobbles, 2.5 twisting dismount (little step), she’ll win, I’m pretty sure – 15.550 GOLD
  • Angela Donald (AUS) – switch leap + wolf jump, rulfova (doesn’t land in the middle), free walkover forward, back handspring step-out into back layout step-out, aerial cartwheel, side somi, sheep jump (wobble), back salto tucked, full turn (interesting preparation), double back piked dismount (big step), big hug from the coach – 14.450 (6.0) BRONZE
  • Alina Kravchenko (UKR) – she replaces Gardiner who hurt herself yesterday on UB – press to handstand, free walkover, switch leap, free cartwheel, side somi (wobble), back handspring step-out into back salto piked, full turn leg up, not as confident as Tan or Donald, front full layout dismount – 12.800 (4.7)
  • Ana Sofia Gomez Porras (GUA) – press to handstand, back handspring step-out into full twisting back tuck, full wolf jump, free cartwheel, free walkover into back tuck, full turn, 2.5 twisting dismount, good routine – 14.100 (5.6)
  • Jonna Adlerteg (SWE) – press to handstand, free walkover (pause), backhandspring step-out into back layout step-out, full turn leg up (wobble), back tuck, sheep jump, side somi (fall!), switch ring leap (head not back enough), double back tucked dismount (two steps) – 11.825 (4.7)
  • Viktoria Komova (RUS) – roll on beam, front tuck, back handspring into back handspring step-out (lands awkwardly) into back layout step-out (fall!), standing arabian, split & wolf jump, full turn leg up (wobble), free walkover into sheep (wobble), side somi (2nd fall!), switch leap, back handspring into double back dismount (step), she has an ice pack on her fingers – 12.000 (5.4) she still smiles
  • Harumy Freitas (BRA) – jump on the beam, back handspring step-out into back layout step-out, free walkover, free cartwheel, switch leap into back tuck (wobble), sissone & wolf jump, turn with leg up (wobble), round-off double back dismount – 13.450 (5.1)
  • Carlotta Ferlito (ITA) – press to handstand, stands up beautifully, switch leap into back tuck (pause) sheep jump, free walkover into back handspring into back handspring step-out, full turn into full turn leg high (wobble), switch ring leap, good routine so far, 2.5 twisting dismount (little hop), I guess it will be the silver medal for her – 14.825 (5.8) SILVER

Only three falls (1 Adlerteg and 2 Komova), that’s pretty good for a junior BB final!

So it’s: 1. Tan, 2. Ferlito, 3. Donald, 4. Porras, 5. Freitas, 6. Kravchenko, 7. Komova, 8. Adlerteg


Hogg in a sparkly, shiny red leo with flag on her back. Moonen has a really beauiful leotard in blue, with white and orange and a lot of rhinestones. They’re warming up. Komova sits her double arabian down. Touches floor after triple twist. Is she tired? Bulimar did her piked Tsuk. Komova leaves floor early.

  • Jonna Adlerteg (SWE) – double back piked (step), double back tucked (step), dramatic music, switch ring leap, front full layout into front tuck, double turn, handspring double twisting front layout dismount, good routine for her – 13.275 (4.9)
  • Jessica Hogg (GBR) – Tsukahara, double back piked, illusion turn, front tuck round-off double twist, double back dismount, good routine! – 13.600 (5.0)
  • Sixin Tan (CHN) – double twisting front layout, double back piked, good landings, double turn leg high, 1.5 twists bwd. into front full layout, 2.5 twisting dismount – 14.525 (5.5) GOLD
  • Tess Moonen (NED) – double back piked (step), expressive choreo, double back tucked (step), 1.5 bwd. into front full, double back dismount – 13.575 (5.2)
  • Ana Sofia Gomez Porras (GUA) – Tsukahara (hop), triple twist (crossed legs), 2.5 into front tucked, spanish music, she’s really great, double back (steps) – 13.700 (5.3)
  • Viktoria Komova (RUS) – 1.5 into round-off double arabian (steps back, deep landing), double back, triple twist (good, but crossed feet), double turn leg high, double back piked, except for the double arabian another good routine from her, Tan Sixin is filming her – 14.175 (5.7) she’s still smiling being second behind Tan BRONZE
  • Carlotta Ferlito (ITA) – triple twist (oob, steps), double back piked (hop), double turn leg high, double twist back, free walkover, double back (hop) – 13.100 (5.1)
  • Diana Bulimar (ROU) – double layout (stuck), 1.5 twists bwd. into round-off double back (stuck), piked Tsuk (step), double back piked (stuck), fantastic routine, big smile – 14.325 (5.5) SILVER

They are playing Happy Birthday for Bulimar. The girls congratulate each other.

1. Tan, 2. Bulimar, 3. Komova, 4. Porras, 5. Hogg, 6. Moonen, 7. Adlerteg, 8. Ferlito

YOG – Event Finals – Liveticker (VT & UB)

August 21, 2010

Women’s VAULT

Vargas in a blue sleeveless shiny leo, Komova wears the green one from qualification, Mityko also again the Christmas-leo, Gardiner in elegant black, grey and red. Freitas also wears a sleeveless leo in pink. The crowd loves Viktoria! Ferlito is in a purple, a bright green very sparkly leo. They all warm up their vaults.

  • Maria Vargas (ESP) – 1. Yurchenko layout, nice, little step 13.550 (4.4) / 2. Yurchenko full, good form, step 14.050 (5.0) – 13.800 SILVER
  • Viktoria Komova (RUS) – 1. Yurchenko 2.5, step 15.600 (6.5) / 2. Yurchenko double, large step 15.025 (5.8) – 15.312 GOLD
  • Bianka Mityko (HUN) – 1. handspring tucked somersault 13.325 (4.4) / 2. Tsukahara layout, hop 13.150 (4.6) – 13.237
  • Harumy Freitas (BRA) – 1. Yurchenko full, good form, a bit short in the landing 13.525 (5.0) / 2. Yurchenko layout, big hop 13.325 (4.4) – 13.425
  • Carlotta Ferlito (ITA) – 1. Yurchenko full, big hop + little step 13.900 (5.0) / 2. Yurchenko layout, again big hop 13.500 (4.4) – 13.700 BRONZE
  • Diana Bulimar (ROU) – 1. Yurchenko full, legs apart, step 13.450 (5.0) / 2. handspring front somersault piked, better than first vault, little hop 13.375 (4.6) – 13.412
  • Natsumi Sasada (JPN) – 1. Yurchenko full, nice, little step 13.875 (5.0) / 2. Yurchenko layout, good form, little step 13.450 (4.4) – 13.662
  • Madeline Gardiner (CAN) – 1. Yurchenko full, legs a bit bend, step 13.600 (5.0) / 2. Yurchenko half, good, stuck landing 13.575 (4.7) – 13.587

So it’s: 1. Komova, 2. Vargas, 3. Ferlito, 4. Sasada, 5. Gardiner, 6. Bulimar, 7. Freitas, 8. Mityko


If Komova doesn’t fall, it surely will be her third gold medal. They are warming up. Moonen in orange, black, white leo. Tan in sparkly red with white swirls.

  • Carlotta Ferlito (ITA) – has to stop during routine (5.2) – 12.725
  • Jonna Adlerteg (SWE) – jump over low to high bar, Jaeger, little problems with handstands, double layout dismount (5.1) – 13.550 BRONZE
  • Tess Moonen (NED) – Shaposhnikova, Jaeger (high) (Tkatchev according to the commenters :-), double piked dismount (little step) (5.0) – 12.725
  • Angela Donald (AUS) – Tkatchev, simple routine, lot of giants, Tsukahara dismount (5.0) – 12.975
  • Madeline Gardiner (CAN) – Shaposhnikova, Jaeger (falls on her knees, her arms and even face? hit the bar, ouch!), doesn’t finish routine (2.5) – 9.900
  • Diana Bulimar (ROU) – kip to handstand, Tkatchev, double piked dismount (5.0) – 12.525
  • Sixin Tan (CHN) – piked Jaeger, Jaeger, Pak, double front dismount, good routine, the best she could do (the judges will still take the points from her transitions etc.) (6.5) – 14.125 SILVER
  • Viktoria Komova (RUS) – Khorkina, layout Jaeger, good inside stalder, Tkatchev to pak (feet on floor), good dismount (6.5) – 14.525 GOLD

1. Komova, 2. Tan, 3. Adlerteg, 4. Donald, 5. Moonen, 6. Ferlito, 7. Bulimar, 8. Gardiner

First World Teams announced

August 20, 2010

“The Rotterdam Worlds are still eight weeks away, but even so several countries have begun naming their world championships teams. The following athletes have been named to their countries’ teams by their respective national federations, and will compete in Rotterdam, health permitting”


MEN – Sam Offord, Prashanth Sellathurai, Thomas Pichler, Josh Jefferis, Luke Wiwatowski, Luke Wadsworth and Philippe Rizzo


WOMEN – Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto, Coralie Leblond-Chartrand, Charlotte Mackie, Dominique Pegg, Jessica Savona and Kristina Vaculik

New Zealand

WOMEN – Holly Moon, Briana Mitchell and Jordan Rae


MEN – Jonathan Horton, Danell Leyva, Brandon Wynn, Chris Brooks, Steven Legendre and Chris Cameron (reserve: Paul Ruggeri / head coach: Vitaly Marinitch

complete article on the official website

Acro is all around us (part 3)

August 20, 2010

Here’s the third part of six, in which I present the Gold-Medal winning routines from the recent World Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships in Poland. The mixed pairs are my favourite routines. Enjoy!

Mixed Pair, 11-16, Great Britain (balance)

– very elegant, balletic choreo for such a young pair


Mixed Pair, 12-19, Ukraine

– they are great!


Mixed Pair, seniors, USA


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