Even more leotards, leotards, leotards

With the World Championships less than three month away, I’ll take another look at the best negligibility of gymnastics – leotards. Who might wear what on the podium? And which leotards should better not leave the gym at home?

I searched for the prettiest, funniest and – yes, ugliest – leotards never worn before, designed by the three big brands: Milano, Christian Moreau and GK. Moreau designs only one collection per year (+ one sleeveless summer collection which doesn’t really differ from the main collection), so there are more leotards from Milano and GK – especially GK has a new collection for every occasion (valentine, breast cancer, back to school etc.).


Zip N Twist

Can you really open the zipper? ūüėČ If Tina Erceg didn’t chose her leo yet, this might be an option.

Starboard Bodice

Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve missed all the time. Now non-gymnastics-related people will not only wonder if you work out in a swimsuit – now they’ll know.

Bunny Hops Bodice

I’m glad they didn’t force Marissa, Beth or Rebecca to wear them.


If the US-team would wear Milano and if they wouldn’t have somehow forgotten that the US-flag IS NOT pink, they could actually choose this one for the Worlds and I wouldn’t even mind if they add some rhinestones.



Well, maybe that’s another option for Sandra Izbasa, now that we know she’ll comeback soon.


no name - just a number

It looks as if she just had a serious injury – crashed after a pak on UB – and bleeds all over her new white leotard.


Somehow GK just discovered the trend of animal prints. They put them on almost every new leotard – fortunately only on the workout collections.

UPDATE: Obviously the US girls like this pattern, too. Just take a look at the leos for podium training at the US National Championships – there are zebras everywhere.

simple and beautiful

I can’t resist to show you my favourite GK leotard once again, this time in a different colour – the Russians team leotard at the Europeans this year.

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