Youth Olympic Games begin today

While everyone’s superexcited about the 2010 Visa Championships in Hartford, another, more international event is just about to begin: The 1st Youth Olympic Games in Singapur.

WATCH THE GAMES ONLINE (Men’s and Women’s AA – I’m not sure whether they will also show the qualification)

Jaque Rogge’s feels like “a father waiting in the delivery room”. He surely wants his big project – conceived, planned and organized in only 2.5 years (that’s less time than the FIG needs to change their unattractive World Cup format!) – to reserve him a place in the history books. For todays Opening Ceremony he promises “an innovative show with elements that have not yet been seen at any of the traditional Games”. (complete article: FIG)

Competition starts after Sundays podium training on Tuesday. 42 gymnasts qualify in three subdivisions for the all-around (Thursday) and event finals (Saturday & Sunday).

The US didn’t send their not-so-secret (and now injured 😦 weapon Jordyn Wieber (maybe not only because of the now modified rule to send only one coach for male and female athlete, but because they didn’t want any distraction from their National Championships), so it will be a battle between Viktoria Komova (RUS), Diana Bulimar (ROU), Natsumi Sasada (JPN), Tan Sixin (CHN), Carlotta Ferlito (ITA), Desiree Baumert (GER), Tess Moonen (NED), Angela Donald (AUS), Sophia Serseri (FRA), Maddie Gardiner (CAN), Alina Kravchenko (UKR) and Eline Vandersteen (BEL) + six more gymnasts in the all-around (a total of 18 gymnasts competes the AA)… hopefully there will be some nice surprises from countries which are normally not seen in the all around or event finals!

Find a the complete list of participants, reports, pictures, news etc. on the official FIG website!

Sophia Serseri (FRA) training on BB

photo gallery (more photos of the YOG on flickr)

More informations on and the official site of the Games.

Good luck to all the competitors at the first Youth Olympic Summer Games in Singapur!!

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