Komova tops Qualification in Singapore

Komova (RUS) won all qualification except for balance beam (2nd 15.150). She placed first on floor (14.550), the uneven bars (15.600), vault (with two amazing yurchenkos: 2.5 & 2 twists 15.400) and scored amazing 61.000 in the all-around qualification. She looked very calm and secure as if this were already the “real” Olympics. Read the liveticker to know what’s in her routines. I’ll post videos as soon as they occur on YouTube… and here they are, just scroll down!

Sixin (CHN) placed 2nd in the all-around, almost three points behind Komova (58.100), first on balance beam (15.500) and second on UB (14.500) and FX (13.950).

Click play or watch Tan Sixin on beam on YouTube:

Ferlito (ITA) finished in third place (55.750), Bulimar (ROU) in fourth, Moonen (NED) in fifth and Gomez Porres (GUA) in sixth. Australia’s Angela Donald and Canada’s Madeline Gardiner (who fell on her last tumbling on floor) placed 7th and 8th.

Viktoria Komova Qualification AA

Click play or watch her first vault on YouTube:

Click play or watch her second vault on YouTube:

Click play or watch her bars routine on YouTube:

Click play or watch her balance beam on YouTube:

Click play or watch her floor on YouTube:

Except for her vault (especially the first, where she got a 9.200 E-Score despite the big step (at least 0.3), I cannot see why some people already think she’s overscored. Her execution IS exceptional. I really thought (and maybe even said) “Wow!” when she did her front tuck on beam, the Tkatchev or layout Jaeger on bars or her double back on floor. It’s not only clean + perfect landing, but it’s so high! The judges just can’t take any deductions. And where it is possible (crossed feet while twisting, little problems with double turn…) they certainly did their job.

Compared to Tan on UB (same D-Score: 6.5), Komova has definitly the better execution. Tan looses all the 0.1 and 0.3 on her transitions from low to high bar and her turns, which aren’t always in handstand position. She has to bend her arms on the pak and takes a big step on the landing.

Click play or watch Sixin Tan on YouTube:

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