YOG – Women’s Qualification – Liveticker (3rd Subdivision)

Okay: 58.100 (Tan Sixin in 1st place) is the score for Viktoria Komova!

Madeline Gardiner (CAN) – UB: 13.750

Gomez (GUA) – UB: gienger, jaeger 12.900

Viktoria Komova (RUS) – UB: Shaposhnikova, layout Jaeger, inside stalder, full turn, Tkatchev, stuck dismount, fantastic!!! She looks amazing! 15.600! (6.5)

Viktoria wears a green sparkly leo with a little bit white and gold patterns.

Agustina Estarli (ARG) – UB: Tkatchev, Pak, form break, full turn (bad form), extra swings, starts again, double layout? piked down lands on knees

Dilnoza Abdusalimova (UZB) – VT: 1. handspring front somersault pked 13.100 (4.6)

Batbaatar (MGL) – VT: 1. handspring front somersault tucked (almost sits down) 11.600

Batbaatar wears a sleeveless white leo with yellow pattern & rhinestones

Demet Mutlu (TUR) – VT: 1. handspring front somersault tucked with half twist 13.400, 2. handspring front somersault pked 13.600 (4.6)

Mutlu wears black “Nastia-leo”.

Carlotta Ferlito (ITA) – VT: 1. Yurchenko full 14.200, 2. Yurchenko layout 13.950 (4.4)

She wears pink and white leo with black swirls.

After 1st Rotation: 1. Viktoria Komova 2. Carlotta Ferlito 3. Tan Sixin 4. Tess Moonen 5. Madeline Gardiner 6. Diana Bulimar

Viktoria gets a lot of applause during warm-up. She looks great!!

Sorry for not describing the whole routines – the video doesn’t always play.

Madeline Gardiner (CAN) – BB: commenter announces her as Augustina Estarli 🙂 (they are just too funny), has to  wait very long, very long, double turn (nice! – the same Bross did, what’s the english name?), onodi, free walkover into back handspring into back step out, free carwheel, side somi, double piked dismount, great routine! 13.700 (5.4)

Madeline wears the typical Canadian red leo with the sparkling maple leaf.

Viktoria Komova (RUS) – BB: roll on beam, front tuck (high!), back handspring into back flip step-out into back flip step-out, standing arabian (wobble), split & wolf jump, full turn leg up, free walkover into sheep, side somi, switch leap, back handspring into double back dismount, fantastic!!, kiss & hug from coach 15.150 (5.9)

Alina Kravchenko (UKR) – BB: free cartwheel, side somi, back handspring, back flip piked, looks a bit shaky, full turn lep up, layout full twist dismount 13.500 (4.9)

Agustina Estarli (ARG) – BB: 2.5 twisting dismount 14.200

Jessica Hogg (GBR) – UB: bad form, muscles a lot 11.600 (4.1)

Dilnoza Abdusalimova (UZB) – UB: falls on jaeger, pak (legs apart), double pike dismount

The arena looks really huge, there are a lot of people watching, especially many schoolkids.

Demet Mutlu (TUR) – UB: double front dismount, sits down 12.000 (5.1)

Elisavet Tsakou (GRE) – UB: good stalder work, fall on low bar doing full turn, nice swings, double pike dismount 12.750

She has the Greek flag in her leo (white/blue, of course).

Carlotta Ferlito (ITA) – UB: good stalders, full turn not in handstand position, Markelov? 13.400 (5.2)

After 2nd Rotation: Viktoria Komova, Tan Sixin, Angela Donald

Madeline Gardiner (CAN) – FX: energetic music, triple twist (a bit short, step), 1.5 twists into round-off double twists, 2.5 twists (she loves twisting! :-), good music interpretation, double piked (hands down), she’s disappointed 12.650 (5.2)

Gomez (GUA) – FX: Tsuk, spanish music, nice turn, 2.5 into front tucked, double back underrotated (almost? falls down)

Viktoria Komova (RUS) – FX: starts choreo even before entering the floor, 1.5 twist bwd. into double arabian (perfect landing), double back (stuck), bond moves, double turn leg up, triple twist, great dancing, double turn leg high, double piked, another amazing routine from the young Russian! 14.550

Alina Kravchenko (UKR) – FX: double back, double twist, double piked (underrotated) 12.150 (4.9)

Nardjes Terkmane (ALG) – FX: front layout into front tucked, double turn, double twist

Jessica Hogg (GBR) – BB: switch leap into back tuck, free cartwheel, back handspring into back piked, turn with leg high, double twisting dismount 12.900

Dilnoza Abdusalimova (UZB) – BB: free walkover, pause, backhandspring into layout stepout, front tuck, switch ring leap (head doesn’t go back), double twisting dismount 13.500

Demet Mutlu (TUR) – BB: press handstand, free walkover, back handspring, back layout step-out, free cartwheel, side somi (wobble), very slow routine, switch leap, back tuck, wobbles, front layout dismount 12.450

Carlotta Ferlito (ITA) – BB: press handstand (what else? she’s Italian), switch leap into back flip, sheep jump, free walkover, back handspring, layout step-out, full turn into turn leg high, switch ring leap, 2.5 twisting dismount 14.650 (5.8)

After 3rd rotation: Komova (45.300), Sixin, Ferlito, Donald, Bulimar, Moonen

Madeline Gardiner (CAN) – VT: Yurchenko full, step on landing 13.750 (5.0)

Gomez Porras (GUA) – VT: Yurchenko full (a bit piked) 13.750

Viktoria Komova (RUS) – VT: 1.Yurchenko 2.5 twists, big step off the landing mat 15.700 (6.5), 2. double twisting Yurchenko, great form, little hop 15.100 (5.8) 15.400

Alina Kravchenko (UKR) – VT: Yurchenko layout 13.100 (4.4) she has a hard time always following Komova

Agustina Estarli (ARG) – VT: 1. Tsukahara layout 12.500 (4.2), 2. handspring somersault tucked (lands on her butt) 11.650, still smiles in the camera

Dilnoza Abdusalimova (UZB) – FX: triple turn, double back piked, double back tucked, front tuck into round-off double twist, clean and good presentation, 2.5 twists bwd dismount 12.700 (4.8)

Carlotta Ferlito (ITA) – FX: triple twist (commenter: not the highest difficulty, but good execution :-), double piked, double turn leg high (ah, the Italians!), double twist, double back, good routine! big hug from the coach 13.500 (5.1)

After last rotation: 1. Komova (61.000!!), 2. Sixin, 3. Ferlito (55.750), 4. Bulimar, 5. Moonen 6. Gomez Porras (54.050), 7. Donald, 8. Madeline Gardiner (53.850)

VT: Komova, Ferlito, Sasada, Vargas, Bulimar, Gardiner, Mityko,

UB: Komova, Sixin, Bulimar, Moonen, Gardiner, Ferlito , Adlerteg, Donald

BB: Sixin, Komova, Ferlito, Donald, Gomez Porras, Freitas, Gardiner, Adlerteg

FX: Komova, Sixin, Bulimar, Ferlito, Adlerteg, Hogg, Moonen, Gomez Porras

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