YOG – Women’s Qualification – Liveticker (2nd Subdivision)

It’s in the middle of the 2nd Subdivision. Video didn’t work all the time, but here is what I could watch:

Tan Sixin (CHN) : UB – amazing! Jaeger piked, 14.500 (6.5)

the commenters are hilarious, they are wondering what tumbling the gymnast does when she just prepares for a turn on BB

Karla Salazar (MEX) : BB –

Diana Bulimar (ROU) : UB – 13.850

Bianka Mityko (HUN) – BB: “christmasy leo”, backwalkover, wolf jump 12.700 (4.4)

Bianka Mityko – FX: nice turn with leg up, double back, forward flip intor 1.5 twists bwd., double twist dismount, uses ASacs old music – 12.750

(CHI): compared to other gymnasts  a lot more body weight, fall on front tucked, 2nd fall free cartwheel, front layout dismount, very upset and angry (cries?) – 9.700

Natsumi Sasada (JPN) – FX: Tsuk, energetic music (but she’s to calm to really sell the choreo), front tuck into double back, double spin leg 180 (wobble), triple twist (not finished), double back piked – 12.000

Tan Sixin – BB: Did she really get 15.500? – video didn’t work 😦

Angela Donald (AUS) – FX: double back (some steps), double twist, double back piked 13.100 (5.0)

Tess Moonen (NED) – FX: interesting choreo, double back piked (oob), 1.5 twists bwd into front layout, switch ring leap, front full layout – 13.200 (5.0)

Harumy Freitas (BRA) – FX: elegant and classy violine music, double twist bwd, balletic choreo, double back – 13.100 (4.8)

After 3rd rotation: 1. Tan Sixin 44.150, 2. Angela Donald, 3. Diana Bulimar

Tess Moonen – VT: handspring front somersault piked (clean and high, step on landing) 13.800 (4.6)

Natsumi Sasada – VT: 1. Yurchenko full, nice execution 14.000 / 2. Yurchenko double, puts nearly her knee on the mat (5.8) 14.050

Tan Sixin wears a sparkling red leo, Sasada a black/white/red Japanese leo, Brazil a shiny white (arms and chest) and light blue (body and shoulders) one

Harumy Freitas – VT: 1. Yurchenko full 13.550 / 2. Yurchenko layout

Diana Bulimar – FX: Tsuk piked, 1.5 twist bwd into double back, traditional Romanian choreo, smiling, 2.5 twists bwd, double back piked, nice routine!

Bulimar looks really happy & sparkly (hair & face) at the same time 13.950

(EGY): double back, 1.5 twists bwd into front somersault (sits down), double twist 11.000

Salazar – VT: handspring front somersault tucked 13.200 (4.8)

Angela Donald – VT:

Tan Sixin – FX: double twist fwd, double back piked (step), double spin leg high, 1.5 twists into full twist fwd, 2.5 twists dismount 13.950 (5.3)

Elisa Heammerle (AUT) – FX: double back piked, double back, 2.5 twists bwd dismount 13.000 (4.9)

Petra Hedbavna (CZE) – FX: starts in the middle with dance, front layout into front tucked, does a lot of leaps and jumps, back layout, front twist, easy but clean, she’s happy & her coach, too 11.600 (3.7)

Tan Sixin allows herself a smile and waves to the camera

After 2nd Subdivision: 1. Tan Sixin 58.100, 2. Diana Bulimar 54.700, 3. Tess Moonen 54.250, 4. Angela Donald

Girls congratulate each other! That’s nice!

Watch it LIVE!

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