YOG – Event Finals – Liveticker (BB & FX)

So today it’s the last day of the artistic gymnastics competition at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. I’m curious if Tan really manages to win gold on beam. Or is it Komova who earns the fourth gold medal and maybe even the fifth on floor?


Komova got 15.150 in qualification and 15.250 in the all-around. Tan got 15.500 and 15.350.

Angela Donald in extreme “gymnast walk”. Komova, Ferlito wear same leos as yesterday. Kravchenko in sleeveless blue leo with a cut-out on chest. Porras in the Nastia-leo, but in black with blue sleeves. Freitas also sleevelesss in black/white leo. Tan first in warm-up. Donald in the 2007 Worlds leo. Commenters already named a lot of “dark horses” – everyone except Tan and Komova :-).

Komova just did a perfect arabian (no wobbles, high landing!). No falls during warm-up. Everyone looks really good.

  • Sixin Tan (CHN) – first tumbling pass: back handspring step-out, back handspring, layout, backhandspring to sit position, switch ring leap, front tuck, sheep jump, aerial cartwheel, full turn, no wobbles, 2.5 twisting dismount (little step), she’ll win, I’m pretty sure – 15.550 GOLD
  • Angela Donald (AUS) – switch leap + wolf jump, rulfova (doesn’t land in the middle), free walkover forward, back handspring step-out into back layout step-out, aerial cartwheel, side somi, sheep jump (wobble), back salto tucked, full turn (interesting preparation), double back piked dismount (big step), big hug from the coach – 14.450 (6.0) BRONZE
  • Alina Kravchenko (UKR) – she replaces Gardiner who hurt herself yesterday on UB – press to handstand, free walkover, switch leap, free cartwheel, side somi (wobble), back handspring step-out into back salto piked, full turn leg up, not as confident as Tan or Donald, front full layout dismount – 12.800 (4.7)
  • Ana Sofia Gomez Porras (GUA) – press to handstand, back handspring step-out into full twisting back tuck, full wolf jump, free cartwheel, free walkover into back tuck, full turn, 2.5 twisting dismount, good routine – 14.100 (5.6)
  • Jonna Adlerteg (SWE) – press to handstand, free walkover (pause), backhandspring step-out into back layout step-out, full turn leg up (wobble), back tuck, sheep jump, side somi (fall!), switch ring leap (head not back enough), double back tucked dismount (two steps) – 11.825 (4.7)
  • Viktoria Komova (RUS) – roll on beam, front tuck, back handspring into back handspring step-out (lands awkwardly) into back layout step-out (fall!), standing arabian, split & wolf jump, full turn leg up (wobble), free walkover into sheep (wobble), side somi (2nd fall!), switch leap, back handspring into double back dismount (step), she has an ice pack on her fingers – 12.000 (5.4) she still smiles
  • Harumy Freitas (BRA) – jump on the beam, back handspring step-out into back layout step-out, free walkover, free cartwheel, switch leap into back tuck (wobble), sissone & wolf jump, turn with leg up (wobble), round-off double back dismount – 13.450 (5.1)
  • Carlotta Ferlito (ITA) – press to handstand, stands up beautifully, switch leap into back tuck (pause) sheep jump, free walkover into back handspring into back handspring step-out, full turn into full turn leg high (wobble), switch ring leap, good routine so far, 2.5 twisting dismount (little hop), I guess it will be the silver medal for her – 14.825 (5.8) SILVER

Only three falls (1 Adlerteg and 2 Komova), that’s pretty good for a junior BB final!

So it’s: 1. Tan, 2. Ferlito, 3. Donald, 4. Porras, 5. Freitas, 6. Kravchenko, 7. Komova, 8. Adlerteg


Hogg in a sparkly, shiny red leo with flag on her back. Moonen has a really beauiful leotard in blue, with white and orange and a lot of rhinestones. They’re warming up. Komova sits her double arabian down. Touches floor after triple twist. Is she tired? Bulimar did her piked Tsuk. Komova leaves floor early.

  • Jonna Adlerteg (SWE) – double back piked (step), double back tucked (step), dramatic music, switch ring leap, front full layout into front tuck, double turn, handspring double twisting front layout dismount, good routine for her – 13.275 (4.9)
  • Jessica Hogg (GBR) – Tsukahara, double back piked, illusion turn, front tuck round-off double twist, double back dismount, good routine! – 13.600 (5.0)
  • Sixin Tan (CHN) – double twisting front layout, double back piked, good landings, double turn leg high, 1.5 twists bwd. into front full layout, 2.5 twisting dismount – 14.525 (5.5) GOLD
  • Tess Moonen (NED) – double back piked (step), expressive choreo, double back tucked (step), 1.5 bwd. into front full, double back dismount – 13.575 (5.2)
  • Ana Sofia Gomez Porras (GUA) – Tsukahara (hop), triple twist (crossed legs), 2.5 into front tucked, spanish music, she’s really great, double back (steps) – 13.700 (5.3)
  • Viktoria Komova (RUS) – 1.5 into round-off double arabian (steps back, deep landing), double back, triple twist (good, but crossed feet), double turn leg high, double back piked, except for the double arabian another good routine from her, Tan Sixin is filming her – 14.175 (5.7) she’s still smiling being second behind Tan BRONZE
  • Carlotta Ferlito (ITA) – triple twist (oob, steps), double back piked (hop), double turn leg high, double twist back, free walkover, double back (hop) – 13.100 (5.1)
  • Diana Bulimar (ROU) – double layout (stuck), 1.5 twists bwd. into round-off double back (stuck), piked Tsuk (step), double back piked (stuck), fantastic routine, big smile – 14.325 (5.5) SILVER

They are playing Happy Birthday for Bulimar. The girls congratulate each other.

1. Tan, 2. Bulimar, 3. Komova, 4. Porras, 5. Hogg, 6. Moonen, 7. Adlerteg, 8. Ferlito

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