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The Wevers

October 19, 2010

Three beautifully performed turns in one beam routine: double turn with leg up (now named the “Wevers”, I guess it will be an E), single turn with leg up (C) and a double turn (D). She has no wobble – it looks so easy!

Click play or watch Sanne Wevers on YouTube:

But that’s not the most difficult routine turn-wise she has done. At the trials for the European Championships 2009 she even did five turns in one routine. Check it out!

eyes on the prize…

October 19, 2010

These World Championships are not only about the medals, the honour, the triumph, but also about… money. Compared to soccer/football or formula 1 it’s like nothing. But nevertheless, if Russia really wins, Mustafina grabs gold in the AA, on floor and vault and maybe even another bronze or silver on beam or bars, she might be about 15.000$ richer. Keep the eyes on the prize!

15'000CHF = 15.600$


Aliya knows how to turn…

October 17, 2010

This MUST be the World Champion!

Double arabian, beautiful triple turn, 2.5+full, Mustafina No. 2 (triple turn leg high – at least an E-element (double turn is a D-element)), 1.5+rudi, triple twist – she sticks every landing.

Click play or watch her floor routine (14.833) on YouTube:

The Mustafina

October 17, 2010

The second element for the Russians on UB: The full-in half-out double back dismount.

And Mustafina still has the potential to clean her transitions and get some more tenth in the event final.

Click play or watch the routine (15.300) on YouTube:

The Nabieva

October 17, 2010

The rest of the routine is a bit messy, but she did it! Oh, I’m looking forward to EF on the uneven bars!

Click play or watch the layout Tkatchev in her routine (14.700) on YouTube:

Finally: Worlds Videos!

October 17, 2010

First day of World Championships and we already have some videos. I compiled a list of different websites and YouTube-channels which offer interviews, reports and most important: routines!

Gymnastike – A lot of interviews, photos, highlights and of course many routines (men’s & women’s) I loved the interview with Matthias Fahrig, it’s so strange to hear him speaking English. Watch it to the very end when he tries to explain/show his new element on floor, the “Fahrig” – it’s a piked double arabian with 1.5 twists.

Gymmedia – Their brandnew online channel has some good interviews, also with coaches (Octavian Belu , Alina Kozich for Japan) or Paul Ziert’s opinion on the Chinese team, Uchimura and the energized US boys

mondialegym2010 – Aliya Mustafina amazing floor routine, the Romanian girls on prelims…

marluza89 – is starting to upload videos from the qualifications. Until now there are only Tweddle on UB and Kurbatova, but I guess more will follow soon?!

Watch Tweddle’s perfect bars routine (15.600):

GYMChina – lot of training videos from the US girls (I really like Caquatto on FX), from China, Spain, Britain… but wait, did he just upload the videos from gymnastike?

gymnworlds2010 – here’s some new stuff: Watch the Russian girls fall one after the other on podium training. Luckily they kept it (almost) together at qualifications.

chinesegym – Chinese girls at podium training among others.

RomanianGymLovers – Three videos so far: Sacramone, Bross and the Romanian girls.

gymgym – Also three competition videos from the Chinese girls on BB so far.

And for some photos, check out Gymnastics Examiner, The Couch Gymnast, Universal Sports, the FIG website or go to flickr.


TCG forever

October 9, 2010

Look who already found its way into the glossy world of gym magazine’s covers! GymFever compiled this list of magazines complaining about the lack of a good magazine in Romania.

New Gymnastics Blogs

October 9, 2010

After GymnasticsCoaching linked to my list of gymnastics blogs, I got a lot of comments from new bloggers. Of course, I added them to the list. And I updated the list. Now we have 43 “active” and 28 “old” blogs out there but I’m pretty sure there are more, which I didn’t find yet.

But here are the “new” blogs once again – or at least new to me: Check them out!

Hypolito fighting the pommel-horse-dragon

October 7, 2010

That’s just ridiculous. Make sure to watch it to the very end. But what else could you expect from a gala which makes Jade Barbosa roll a huge “earthball” across the floor and Daniele wear cheap angel’s wings?!


No Worlds AA for Hambüchen!

October 7, 2010

Fabian Hambüchen will compete only four apparatus in Rotterdam: Pommel horse, rings, vault and parallel bars. No vault and no floor – he still has problems with his Achilles tendon. His left leg and heel were heavily taped at the Nationals, it looked like he wore a cast.

After Nguyen’s accident at the friendly meet in Schaffhausen where he broke his right fibula on a triple Tsuk on floor, the German team lost another good gymnast. Marcel Nguyen, the current German champion, and Fabian Hambüchen are both strong all-arounders. Now it will be up to Philipp Boy (he won in Schaffhausen with 91.05 points!) to shine in the AA competition.

The German Mens team will be announced this Sunday. (Click here to read who’s on the womens team.)

I guess it will be Philipp Boy, Matthias Fahrig, Fabian Hambüchen, Eugen Spiridonov, Thomas Taranu and Sebastian Krimmer.