No Worlds AA for Hambüchen!

Fabian Hambüchen will compete only four apparatus in Rotterdam: Pommel horse, rings, vault and parallel bars. No vault and no floor – he still has problems with his Achilles tendon. His left leg and heel were heavily taped at the Nationals, it looked like he wore a cast.

After Nguyen’s accident at the friendly meet in Schaffhausen where he broke his right fibula on a triple Tsuk on floor, the German team lost another good gymnast. Marcel Nguyen, the current German champion, and Fabian Hambüchen are both strong all-arounders. Now it will be up to Philipp Boy (he won in Schaffhausen with 91.05 points!) to shine in the AA competition.

The German Mens team will be announced this Sunday. (Click here to read who’s on the womens team.)

I guess it will be Philipp Boy, Matthias Fahrig, Fabian Hambüchen, Eugen Spiridonov, Thomas Taranu and Sebastian Krimmer.

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