Finally: Worlds Videos!

First day of World Championships and we already have some videos. I compiled a list of different websites and YouTube-channels which offer interviews, reports and most important: routines!

Gymnastike – A lot of interviews, photos, highlights and of course many routines (men’s & women’s) I loved the interview with Matthias Fahrig, it’s so strange to hear him speaking English. Watch it to the very end when he tries to explain/show his new element on floor, the “Fahrig” – it’s a piked double arabian with 1.5 twists.

Gymmedia – Their brandnew online channel has some good interviews, also with coaches (Octavian Belu , Alina Kozich for Japan) or Paul Ziert’s opinion on the Chinese team, Uchimura and the energized US boys

mondialegym2010 – Aliya Mustafina amazing floor routine, the Romanian girls on prelims…

marluza89 – is starting to upload videos from the qualifications. Until now there are only Tweddle on UB and Kurbatova, but I guess more will follow soon?!

Watch Tweddle’s perfect bars routine (15.600):

GYMChina – lot of training videos from the US girls (I really like Caquatto on FX), from China, Spain, Britain… but wait, did he just upload the videos from gymnastike?

gymnworlds2010 – here’s some new stuff: Watch the Russian girls fall one after the other on podium training. Luckily they kept it (almost) together at qualifications.

chinesegym – Chinese girls at podium training among others.

RomanianGymLovers – Three videos so far: Sacramone, Bross and the Romanian girls.

gymgym – Also three competition videos from the Chinese girls on BB so far.

And for some photos, check out Gymnastics Examiner, The Couch Gymnast, Universal Sports, the FIG website or go to flickr.


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  1. wagrobanite Says:

    Your like to Matthias Fahrig is wonky, it should be

    I think it’s just an extra http or something close 🙂

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