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Glasgow World Cup 2010

November 18, 2010

Why do they put retired German gymnast Jenny Brunner performing a not so pretty sheep jump on their poster?

FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Cup A
2010 Glasgow Grand Prix
Glasgow (GBR), November 19 – 20, 2010

These are the gymnasts competing at the last World Cup with event finals ever:

Lauren Mitchell (AUS), the Brasilian girls Bruna Leal and Priscila Cobello, Kristin Klarenbach and Gabrielle May from Canada, Makarena Adasme (CHI), Wu Liufang (CHN), French gymnast Marine Petit, beam specialist Vasiliki Millousi (GRE), Valeriia Maksiuta (ISR), Joanna Litewka, Paula Plichta, Monika Frandofert and Marta Pihan-Kulesza from Poland, Ekaterina Kurbatova and Anna Myzdrikova (RUS), Teja Belak, Tjasa Kysselef, Fiona Novak and Ivana Kamnikar (SLO), the Swedish girls Ida Jonsson and Veronica Wagner, Jessica Lopez (VEN) and Natalia Sanchez Cardenas (COL) and of course the British ladies Jennifer Pinches, Imogen Cairns, Rebecca Downie and Hannah Whelan – 28 altogether!

On the men’s side, there are a lot more gymnasts competing.

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Have a bad day?

November 17, 2010

How about spending some time watching funny photos of Tatiana Nabieva, Aliya Mustafina & co.? All you need is an account on facebook…

The gymnast who’s afraid of flics

November 16, 2010

While I watched some routines performed at the Massilia Cup last weekend, a somehow strange floor routine caught my eye. Lea Callon seems to be afraid of flicflacs 🙂 – there is not a single one in her floor routine. She does all the tumbling straight out of the roundoff (double pike, 1.5+front piked, 2.0, double back) and still steps out of bounds at the dismount.

Click play or watch her on YouTube:

Do you need flics for more difficult tumbling?

In contrast, junior Cagla Akyol (GER) didn’t perform any roundoff in her floor routine from 2009.

Massilia – routines to watch

November 16, 2010

After a long weekend in Stuttgart at the DTB World Cup (read my report on the new website of the Couch Gymnast) I finally found some free time to watch on YouTube what else has been going on last weekend. A lot: Asian Games, Freddy Cup and Massilia Cup…

Some very promising juniors competed next to the seniors at the Massilia Cup in Marseille.

Doraine Thobe (FRA) performed an extremely expressive floor routine including a piked double arabian, a double arabian (fall), roundoff 1.5 + roundoff 2.0 and a double piked dismount.

Click play or watch her on YouTube:

I liked fourteen years old Johanna Dejardin (BEL) on beam, where she actually showed some beam choreography and even “danced” twice alongside the beam without performing any elements.

Click play or watch her on YouTube:

In the end, one routine of a not so lucky girl, Camille Coudret (FRA), who fell not once, not twice but three times in her bars routine (Shapos, Jaeger & double front dismount). From this point it can only get better…

Click play or watch her on YouTube:

Daria Joura

November 8, 2010

Gymnastics Coaching and The Couch Gymnast already reported about Daria Joura‘s retirement.

At the past World Championships in London and Rotterdam I missed her like no other gymnast. I didn’t keep her necessarily in mind because of her great gymnastics, but because of her personality. In a sport in which the average athlete at a World Championships is barely allowed to drink alcohol or vote, it’s refreshing to see someone at such a young age who is able to really perform and “live” the routines – from the very beginning to the very end.

While a lot people love Mattie Larson‘s ability to dance and perform, especially on floor, I’m not really convinced. Sure, she is a great dancer, but her personality is – in my opinion – a bit too “bitchy”. She lacks the wink in her eye, the ironic smile – something Dasha always had and will have.

I am really sad to see Daria never again throw her head back – but I didn’t loose my hope that someone of the new generation of gymnasts will step forward and try to fill the big spot Daria Joura left. Thinking about it I guess she is my favourite gymnast of the new millenium, I even like her more than Nastia Liukin, Ana Porgras or Aliya Mustafina.

Those were the days...

New Blog: Between The Olympics

November 8, 2010

It’s a very new blog (just started two weeks ago) about gymnastics year around.

I especially enjoyed reading the posts about “The Problem With Ukraine“…

“After worlds, where Ukraine finished 12th, which would be high enough to make it to the olympics if this was the qualifying event, I have mixed feelings. Of course I still want them to qualify to the olympics; not necessarily because of their wonderful gymnastics but because of my nostalgia. Ukrainian gymnasts lost their power and consistency a long time ago, but now it looks like they are losing their style. It’s a shame, really.”

Click through to read all six posts and the check back to see what the blogger has to say about all the other things that happen in gymnastics between the olympics.

Guess who

November 5, 2010

Would you have known who this young lady is?

Little hint: She joined the Def-club this year!

Coming up: World Cup in Stuttgart

November 4, 2010

The 28th DTB Pokal / World Cup in Stuttgart (GER) is coming up. The qualification for both, men and women, will be this Friday (11/12/10), the event finals are on Saturday and another Champions Trophy (AA men) will be on Sunday.

The roster doesn’t look bad at all and considering the short time between Worlds and the World Cup, the gymnasts should still be in “past-Worlds-shape”.

We have among others lovely Mrs. Lauren Mitchell doing the all-around, Belgian beauty Aagje van Walleghem (UB/BB), the Brasilian girls Bruna Leal & Priscilla Cobello (AA), the Finnish gymnasts including Annika Urvikko (no VT), Imogen Cairns (VT), Laura Edwards (UB/BB) and Hannah Whelan (BB/FX) for Great Britain, Anna Dementyeva and Irina Sazonova (AA) for Russia and last but not least Ukrainian gymnasts Anastasia Koval (no VT) and Yana Demyanchuk (UB/BB). Plus Jennifer Khwela (AA) from South Africa decided to stay a bit longer in Europe, too.

The men’s field is even stronger and especially bigger. Check out the complete list.

Germany will be represented by Marie-Sophie Hindermann, Pia Tolle, Elisabeth Seitz, Anja Brinker and Lisa-Katharina Hill on the women’s side and Matthias Fahrig, Philipp Boy, Sebastian Krimmer, Thomas Taranu and Robert Weber on the men’s side.

The biggest stars from Russia, Romania, China and the USA won’t be there, but I’m looking forward to see a really good competition.

Champions Trophy with No.2-5: Boy, Horton, Kuksenkow & Purvis

November 4, 2010

2nd at Worlds, 7th at Gander Memorial...

The German Gymnastics Federation decided to give us another weekend packed with gymnastics. Next to the World Cup in Stuttgart (Friday&Saturday), there will be another Champions Trophy (Sunday, 11/14/10) this year.

These are the gymnasts competing on Sunday & their results at the Worlds in Rotterdam:

  • Philipp Boy (GER) (2nd/90.048)
  • Matthias Fahrig (GER)
  • Maxim Dewiatowski (RUS) (19th/86.797)
  • Takehito Mori (JPN)
  • Mykola Kuksenkow (UKR) (4th/89.831)
  • Jonathan Horton (USA) (3rd/89.864)
  • Daniel Purvis (GBR) (5th/88.965)
  • Cyril Tommasone (FRA) (13th/87.556)

Looks like an interesting competition with the top 5 all-arounders from Rotterdam (minus Uchimura).