Champions Trophy with No.2-5: Boy, Horton, Kuksenkow & Purvis

2nd at Worlds, 7th at Gander Memorial...

The German Gymnastics Federation decided to give us another weekend packed with gymnastics. Next to the World Cup in Stuttgart (Friday&Saturday), there will be another Champions Trophy (Sunday, 11/14/10) this year.

These are the gymnasts competing on Sunday & their results at the Worlds in Rotterdam:

  • Philipp Boy (GER) (2nd/90.048)
  • Matthias Fahrig (GER)
  • Maxim Dewiatowski (RUS) (19th/86.797)
  • Takehito Mori (JPN)
  • Mykola Kuksenkow (UKR) (4th/89.831)
  • Jonathan Horton (USA) (3rd/89.864)
  • Daniel Purvis (GBR) (5th/88.965)
  • Cyril Tommasone (FRA) (13th/87.556)

Looks like an interesting competition with the top 5 all-arounders from Rotterdam (minus Uchimura).


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