Coming up: World Cup in Stuttgart

The 28th DTB Pokal / World Cup in Stuttgart (GER) is coming up. The qualification for both, men and women, will be this Friday (11/12/10), the event finals are on Saturday and another Champions Trophy (AA men) will be on Sunday.

The roster doesn’t look bad at all and considering the short time between Worlds and the World Cup, the gymnasts should still be in “past-Worlds-shape”.

We have among others lovely Mrs. Lauren Mitchell doing the all-around, Belgian beauty Aagje van Walleghem (UB/BB), the Brasilian girls Bruna Leal & Priscilla Cobello (AA), the Finnish gymnasts including Annika Urvikko (no VT), Imogen Cairns (VT), Laura Edwards (UB/BB) and Hannah Whelan (BB/FX) for Great Britain, Anna Dementyeva and Irina Sazonova (AA) for Russia and last but not least Ukrainian gymnasts Anastasia Koval (no VT) and Yana Demyanchuk (UB/BB). Plus Jennifer Khwela (AA) from South Africa decided to stay a bit longer in Europe, too.

The men’s field is even stronger and especially bigger. Check out the complete list.

Germany will be represented by Marie-Sophie Hindermann, Pia Tolle, Elisabeth Seitz, Anja Brinker and Lisa-Katharina Hill on the women’s side and Matthias Fahrig, Philipp Boy, Sebastian Krimmer, Thomas Taranu and Robert Weber on the men’s side.

The biggest stars from Russia, Romania, China and the USA won’t be there, but I’m looking forward to see a really good competition.

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