Daria Joura

Gymnastics Coaching and The Couch Gymnast already reported about Daria Joura‘s retirement.

At the past World Championships in London and Rotterdam I missed her like no other gymnast. I didn’t keep her necessarily in mind because of her great gymnastics, but because of her personality. In a sport in which the average athlete at a World Championships is barely allowed to drink alcohol or vote, it’s refreshing to see someone at such a young age who is able to really perform and “live” the routines – from the very beginning to the very end.

While a lot people love Mattie Larson‘s ability to dance and perform, especially on floor, I’m not really convinced. Sure, she is a great dancer, but her personality is – in my opinion – a bit too “bitchy”. She lacks the wink in her eye, the ironic smile – something Dasha always had and will have.

I am really sad to see Daria never again throw her head back – but I didn’t loose my hope that someone of the new generation of gymnasts will step forward and try to fill the big spot Daria Joura left. Thinking about it I guess she is my favourite gymnast of the new millenium, I even like her more than Nastia Liukin, Ana Porgras or Aliya Mustafina.

Those were the days...

2 Responses to “Daria Joura”

  1. Calítoe.:. (Cristina MJ) Says:

    I liked her a lot too, even though her wth-ish salute shocked me quite a lot the first times I saw it. I wish her the very best in life.

  2. La semana en Twitter – 2010-11-21 Says:

    […] Daria Joura https://gymnicetic.wordpress.com/2010/11/08/daria-joura/ :-/ […]

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