Massilia – routines to watch

After a long weekend in Stuttgart at the DTB World Cup (read my report on the new website of the Couch Gymnast) I finally found some free time to watch on YouTube what else has been going on last weekend. A lot: Asian Games, Freddy Cup and Massilia Cup…

Some very promising juniors competed next to the seniors at the Massilia Cup in Marseille.

Doraine Thobe (FRA) performed an extremely expressive floor routine including a piked double arabian, a double arabian (fall), roundoff 1.5 + roundoff 2.0 and a double piked dismount.

Click play or watch her on YouTube:

I liked fourteen years old Johanna Dejardin (BEL) on beam, where she actually showed some beam choreography and even “danced” twice alongside the beam without performing any elements.

Click play or watch her on YouTube:

In the end, one routine of a not so lucky girl, Camille Coudret (FRA), who fell not once, not twice but three times in her bars routine (Shapos, Jaeger & double front dismount). From this point it can only get better…

Click play or watch her on YouTube:

2 Responses to “Massilia – routines to watch”

  1. The gymnast who’s afraid of flics « GymNiceTic Says:

    […] GymNiceTic womens & mens artistic, acrobatic, rhythmic and aerobic gymnastics all-around the world « Massilia – routines to watch […]

  2. Hannah Says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing that routine from Johanna! It was gorgeous, creative. She is great for Belgium.

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