The gymnast who’s afraid of flics

While I watched some routines performed at the Massilia Cup last weekend, a somehow strange floor routine caught my eye. Lea Callon seems to be afraid of flicflacs 🙂 – there is not a single one in her floor routine. She does all the tumbling straight out of the roundoff (double pike, 1.5+front piked, 2.0, double back) and still steps out of bounds at the dismount.

Click play or watch her on YouTube:

Do you need flics for more difficult tumbling?

In contrast, junior Cagla Akyol (GER) didn’t perform any roundoff in her floor routine from 2009.

6 Responses to “The gymnast who’s afraid of flics”

  1. wagrobanite Says:

    I don’t know… if it works. Rebecca Bross doesn’t do any back tumbling or hasn’t at the last two worlds. All her tumbling has been front

  2. betweentheolympics Says:

    Yulia Lozhecko competed a front layout full stepout right into a roundoff double arabian. She also did the double pike without a flic. Laura Svilpaite from Lithuania has a very similar routine to Lia with no flics. Bross doesn’t do any back tumbling, but when she did her full in she did a flic into it. What she does is typical for many WOGA gymnasts, including Nastia. They don’t use them for twisting combinations or any twist that is 2.5 or less, but the do use them for double backs and triple fulls.

    The no roundoff or front handspring thing is way weirder to me.

  3. Elena Says:

    Cagla Akyol did’t perform any roundoffs in 2009 because of an injuy.

    • gymnicetic Says:

      That’s interesting! What kind of injury prevented her only from doing roundoffs?

      • Lilli Says:

        She had an injury on her ischium and couldn’t spread one of her legs. So she still could do her jumps because it wasn’t the injured leg.

  4. Morgan Says:

    I coach a gymnast that is scared of back handsprings, and she is level 8. She competes RO Full, and has been working RO double backs into the pit.

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