When GymnasticsCoaching posted this video about people who are awesome I thought immediately of one guy who tried to be awesome – but failed.

Last Saturday, in the German tv show “Wetten Dass?” (Wanna Bet?), the first bet-candidate and former gymnast Samuel Koch tried to do a somersault over a moving car wearing springy stilts. I watched it live and the first thing that came to my mind, when they announced the bet was: “That’s way too dangerous.” It worked for the first time, it worked for the second time – both of these stunts could have easily been inserted in the video above. But something went terribly wrong when he jumped over the third car driven by his own father. He fell on his face and the way he fell you could tell, that he seriously hurt himself.

They operated him but his legs and parts of his arms are still and probably will be forever paralyzed.

As awesome all of the stunts are, never! forget about the great danger which is always involved. And the risk even increases if you do not only use your own body strength to perform these stunts but if you rely on extra equipment.

One Response to “Reminder”

  1. stunt goes wrong on live TV — Gymnastics Says:

    […] saw the bad news on gymnicetic. An ex-gymnast fell while using spring-powered stilts. A live TV game show in Dusseldorf, Germany […]

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