German Juniors turn Seniors – Katja Roll

In the next days, I’ll present some promising, young German gymnasts, who turn senior this year. Starting with Katja Roll today!

Katja Roll was born on June 17th in 1995 as the younger sister of Maike Roll in the little village Ötisheim (near Karlsruhe). She plans to join the German national team this year and compete internationally. Her goals are pretty clear: European Championships 2011 in Berlin, World Championships 2011 in Tokyo and the Olympics in London 2012.

She trains at her club TG Karlsruhe-Söllingen six days per week. In the morning she goes to a public school, in the afternoon and evening she trains in the gym. Katja hasn’t been the most stable gymnast. After not always hitting her routines in the past, she finally got it right and won the all-around at the German Junior Championships in 2010 with 51.700 points. In the event finals she added another gold on the uneven bars (13.300) and two bronzes on beam (12.110) and floor (12.300). Though, she has to increase her difficulty on all four apparatus this year in order to compete internationally – various infections prevented her last summer and fall to train intensively on new elements.

Click play or watch her UB (including clean Jaeger, Pak and double front dismount) on YouTube:

She does the same beautiful turns with high leg as her sister on floor and beam. Watch her FX (double piked, double back, front layout+front tuck, 1.5 twists bwd.) here or on YouTube:

Her elements on beam aren’t outstanding: backhandspring step-out+ layout step out, free walkover, side somi, aerial cartwheel and a gainer salto piked as the dismount (only a C-Element). On vault, she does a front handspring on tucked salto off.

In 2009 at the friendly meet GER-USA (watch her AA), Katja Roll already got an idea of her future competition. In 2010 she was part of the German junior, which placed 9th at the European Junior Championships in Birmingham, and competed at another friendly meet between FRA-GER-SUI.

Here’s her floor (2007). She really has grown up since then, but her tumbling is almost the same. Click play or watch it on YouTube:


On the cover of the German gymnastics magazine LEON

Her favorite apparatus: The uneven bars

Her amount of training: 6 days / 25-30 hours

Her coach: Tatiana Bachmayer & Dieter Koch

Tatiana Bachmayer is an interesting personality herself. She was a gymnast herself until the age of 17 when she came down with anorexia. That’s why she lost her power and energy for the challenging gymnastics training and dropped out of the sport. After a while she came back as a coach. Today, she says, some people think she’s too relaxed, but she wants to do it her way and take a bit of the pressure off the gymnasts, who already are very disciplined. For example, the girls in the gym do not have to weigh in regularly.

Of course, Katja Roll reminds me of her elegant sister, though she isn’t as “balletic” and flexible as Maike.

Maike Roll might come back this year. After her retirement in March 2010, she left her club TG Karlsruhe-Söllingen due to an argument with Tatiana Bachmayer and joined another club. A foot injury in April, which was misdiagnosed had to be operated in August. But since May, Maike thought about her comeback. Tokyo 2011 is her goal. We’ll see if it really happens…

More former juniors to come: Nadine Jarosch, Desiree Baumert, Isabelle Marquard and Anja Rheinbay among others.

All informations are compiled from several interviews, reports and videos in the internet. I didn’t link to every website because they are numerous and mostly in German. If you want to know more about it, leave a comment.

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